Verizon Fios is the largest provider of Fiber to the Home technology in the United States. Verizon Fios offers a fiber connection directly to a consumer’s home. This fiber connection enables Verizon Fios to provide digital TV, broadband internet, and home phone service.

As of mid 2009, Fios was available to 11 million residences and businesses in parts of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Washington DC.

The technology behind Fios is different from that of traditional cable providers. As mentioned before Fios service is delivered over a fiber optic connection which is capable of carrying much more information than a coaxial cable or twisted pair cable. Consequently Verizon Fios is able to offer much more bandwidth than most DSL or cable internet providers.

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  1. You Get What You Pay For

    I’ve had Verizon Fios for over 2 years, I can honestly say that it is the best internet and tv service that I have ever had. Granted I have had issues with customer service and billing, but the Fios service itself is the best of the best IMO.

    Verizon Fios pros:
    -super fast and reliable internet
    -more HD channels
    -NO HD COMPRESSION, awesome picture quality
    -more Video on Demand
    -well-designed interactive guide
    -multi-room DVR capabilities
    -skip ahead button
    -huge bundle discounts

    Verizon Fios cons:
    -poor billing and customer service (tech support is great)
    -DVR capacity is too small
    -some hardware/firmware/compatibility issues with equipment (likely w/ any provider)
    -regular pricing more expensive than most other providers

  2. Unreiable Installation But Good Service

    Just had fios installed last week. Verizon was supposed to show up between 8-12 and did not show up until 12:40. Install took the rest of the day. After getting setup the internet works great, very fast. Fios TV picture looks great, way better than cable. Kinda sucks that you need a box for every tv, and the dvr box is 15.99/mo. So far the service has been no problems. I signed up for fios tv and internet. I have vonage phone service through the internet.

  3. Worth the cost difference

    switched to fios from comcast. no problems with internet or tv. fios seems to be a little more expensive, but with the bundle discount it should come out about the same. we bundled fios with verizon wireless service instead of home phone service.

  4. Blazing Fast

    I love speed but you got to watch your bill regularly. Not honest with billing.

  5. Happy but Call Ahead

    I’ve had Comcast for years – Beaverton OR. I’ve been happy with the service except for the increases in billing. We have Cable extended channels and internet. No phone or pay channels and are paying $104 + tax & it will be going up to $110 + tax.
    I wanted to try Frontier Fios – they are cheaper for 15/5 Internet, Phone and Prime HD TV together @ $89.99 (2 years) but you have to pay for the boxes which is an additional 3.99 5.99 or 15.99 a box. For us we opted for 3 boxes $13.97 (exact as curr Comcast boxes) which brings to $103.95. This is not much cheaper but you have phone. They added pay channels for the first year, so it is now better. After install we noticed some things:
    Cons –
    The internet is not faster for us.
    The tv guide channel and info for channels is missing unless you get the 5.99 box.
    Free movies/programs are much less than Comcast.
    HD doesnt happen w/o the $15.99 box, but this is the same with Comcast.
    Channels seem slower to load & again you will not know what channel you are on.
    BIGGEST ISSUE: They dig up the yard & drill a hole in your house to mount a box inside the garage to power the system. And put a large box on the outside of your house. BE AWARE of this & know where you want dig & box placement – if you want it professional looking & phished under the house or somewhere else – they consider this custom install; and, it will be powered by your electricity (although it is a small amount).
    FIOS seems cheaper overall (first 2yrs) if you have a printed list of channels with you and dont mind not knowing what’s on with a TV guide.
    Free movie package was huge and always can find something to watch – we can cancel Netflix.
    Phone is nice to have for emergency.
    Both companies have nice ppl and seem to be quick about responding. I suggest however calling ahead before the install to ensure what you were told is what you are receiving. The guy that came to our house was not accurate on everything.

  6. Meh Customer Service

    For the last couple years we have had Verizon Fios and the Internet and TV work great. However when there is a problem with it the customer service sucks. For the last four days our internet and Tv has been down starting on Sunday morning. We scheduled an appointment for Monday, they canceled on us. A service guy finally came on Wednesday morning and changed the entire service box in our house. He checked and saw that the television was working but there is still no internet connection. So after calling again and being put on hold for a while they’re scheduled to come in the morning tomorrow to hopefully actually fix the internet.

  7. Missing Cox

    My experience with FIOS, (I wish I could think of a better word), but, it sucks! I had a COX bundle before changing over to FIOS. We purchased an HD digital television. Cox was very accommodating in changing our service to digital. I had an issue with the internet, once, the tech was immediately available, very nice, walked me through the steps and explained what I was doing, and was NEVER condescending.
    Since I have had FIOS my internet speed is sluggish. I called the tech about my issue; he was very stern and would not allow me talk after explaining to him that I received a message, “my internet speed was very slow”! I have never received a message like that before, and no, it was not a gimmick to get me to purchase software. Before I received the message, I noticed, again, a slower response time while on the internet. Also, I was told that there could be many reasons for an interruption in my wireless connection! WRONG! I never had a problem when I had COX. I was also gullible enough to trust their many fliers advertising $79.99/month for buying into one of their bundles. I understand paying more for upgrades, but, when I completed my bundle I was told I would be paying $116/month. I just received my second bill, $153!!!!! Now that I think about it, the word “sucks” is a perfect word to describe my experience with FIOS.

  8. Bad in Our Area?

    switched form comcast to verizon. saves us money but it really sucks. the guy who set it up left after an hour of work because he didn’t know how to do it correctly, so we had to finish it. customer service sucks and the internet ALWAYS breaks down. everyone i know loves it so it must just be my area and what not. but comcast > verizon in terms of quality by far.

  9. Better Than Cablevision
    Alex H

    We signed up with Fios here in New Jersey in early June. We love it at the time we decided to go with the Fios Triple play due to great deal they were running at the time.

    So far we feel that Fios is much better than our prior service with Cablevision. While the internet connection is definitely faster than what we had before, we don’t use it enough to notice a difference.

    The main area we notice a difference is with the Fios tv service. With Cablevision we experienced quite a bit of lag and freezing. So far with Fios we haven’t had any issues and it seems the picture quality is even sharper.

    The installation was easy and painless.

  10. Art

    I switched from Comcast to Verizon (better deal at the time). With Verizon, I signed up for the TV package that had roughly the same amount of channels as Comcast. With Verizon, when you bring up the channel list, all of the channels show up, and it’s not obvious which channels I subscribed to, so I have to hit a menu button and select “subscribed channels” every time. It was nice to be able to scroll through the channels and just select the channels I wanted with Comcast. Comcast’s On-Demand service was nice. I liked the ability to jump ahead in a show or movie 5 minutes at a time (frequently I don’t finish a movie in one night, so when I come back to it, I like to jump to where I left off). Verizon only has the fast forward (which seems like slow forward when you’re waiting 10 minutes to get to the part you want). Comcast also saved the location in the movie where you left off and the forward and rewind work well. Verizon intermittently saved the location – their customer service said it’s not available on all content. And on those movies that it was not available, the rewind won’t always work – the rewind jumps back to the beginning of the movie – this was verified with their customer service. The picture quality from both services are the same (after Verizon quickly changed out a defective box). If you want more channels, Verizon has a lot to offer. Verizon just gave us Showtime free for 3 months – I don’t remember Comcast ever doing that.

  11. james

    I like the fact that you can watch you tube and I like Verizon`s on demand and all that but most of the time I try to watch a video on you tube it keeps freezing up and trying to load the rest of the video and that shit really fucking pisses me off and the streaming sucks and mostly no one is on the internet but me, Verizon says that I need the next level internet package and I think that is extreme bullshit,i think that if you have the cheapest version of Verizon, you should still be able to get good streaming and It`s not like I am always watching the shit in high definition, and when I go to on demand, I will be browsing through stuff to watch and I will be scrolling through so I will push the left, right, up or down buttons because that’s what you do to navigate the on demand, so if I push one of the buttons nothing will happen as if I didn`t push it hard enough so I will push it again, nothing will happen so I will push it a third time and the shit finally catches up and will scroll three times to where I did not want to be if the fucking shit keeps up my parents will switch back to Comcast.

  12. Daphne Lastre

    I called and asked to have internet service at my property. The service had not even began and I was billed for a whole month. Then the technician came out to the property and fixed the problem out side next thing I get is a bill for 2 months worth of service when in reality I’ve only had 2 weeks of service. There were no notes on my hour long conversation with tech support or the billing dept. I got the response of ” it takes a billing cycle for the notes on tech support to show” What is this! 1 company and no communication.

    Oh, and guess the good part! If you needed assistance on making your payment we can help divide your payments. That was not the issue. The issue was that I want to be billed correctly. I do not want a reconnection fee. especially when I spoke to an ATT CSR and they were the ones that advised not to make a payment that I will be pro-rated. I do not find this fair, or ethical. This is not the way a client should advised because if not every time you call you will have a different opinion and the customer will always be the one financial responsible for doing as told by ATT employee.

    Then the CSR I was talking to had such little intent to try to fix them problem when I told I was unhappy and that I would rather change provider. Her answer to me was. OK, YOU WILL BE BILLED. It’s almost a slap in the face like who cares. I have ATT for my personal cell phone service and it’s good service now how U-verse is being handled I have no clue. Hope this helps you when you’re trying to make a decision.

  13. Lizbeth Glickman

    My experiences with Verizon Fios began early in March 2014 with the ringing of the doorbell by a young man, a Verizon representative. After an initial conversation during which I expressed displeasure with Comcast prices and customer service, he convinced me to switch to Verizon Fios. He scheduled the installation for March 18, 2014.
    The following occurred and *** ensued for four straight months:
    • The extremely rude installer tore around my apartment for a long time. After he left, the cordless telephone in my office was missing: It took me FOUR hours to find it at last—it was wrapped in wires hanging behind one of my Dell tower computers. My entire office was left in shambles.
    • Contrary to my request to keep my phone number, Verizon issued a new phone number of which I remained unaware until after four days, a frightened friend knocked on my door as she had been unable to reach me by phone. Because of the Verizon screw-up, I could not cancel my Comcast account until almost the end of March, costing me more money!!
    • The channel lineup that the sales person had promised was not delivered. He was either ignorant or lied. But to get the channel I had been promised, another favorite channel was dropped and an additional $30 per month was charged.
    • The original sales person said I would not be billed until April 23, 2014. The bill came due April 15. More lies!!
    • On the installation date, I had asked the installer to be careful not to disrupt any of my components attached to my home theater. He assured me he would not. However, after he left, my DVD player/writer stopped functioning totally. I made two long phone calls about this over more than an eight-day period with assurances from Verizon that this error would be corrected in person. When I checked the trouble ticket number given to me, it was stated that there were NO OPEN TROUBLE TICKETS!!
    • The end of May 2014, I spoke with yet another technician at Verizon. He stated that there was no way that the installer could have installed the Verizon set-top box without disrupting the DVD player. He said that he would get a technician on site. He promised to confirm May 27, 20 14. I NEVER HEARD FROM HIM.
    • On May 29, 2014, I spoke with yet another Verizon technician. He reiterated exactly what the previous technician had stated; I received email confirmation with another case number. But once again, I NEVER HEARD BACK WITH ANY CONFIRMATION. I checked the case number online and it said “Ticket closed.”
    • On June 3, I spoke with yet ANOTHER VERIZON TECHNICIAN. He was very rude and refused to accept any responsibility for Verizon’s failures. After arguing with him, he said he could get someone out the end of the week.
    I ended up having to replace the DVD player/writer with a used one found on Amazon. I still cannot reconnect it to receive signals as I had paid to have my home theater set up when I moved into my apartment in August 2013. I am very physically disabled—that is why I have to pay people to help me. However, my brain with its 40-plus years in Information Technology works just fine.
    At the moment, Verizon having failed to have a manager call me as requested weeks ago, along with extreme rudeness of “supervisors” in the online community, I am looking forward to reestablishing a relationship with Comcast. They really are looking very good right about now.
    Oh yes, the Wi-Fi barely works. The signal strength is ALWAYS POOR TO FAIR AT BEST.
    Have spent several hours online in “chats” with Verizon agents.Today’s conclusion from 45-minute chat: I have to buy a newer cordless phone so that I can use a phone anywhere near my wireless laptop connection.
    In addition, Verizon is unable to provide better than a “poor” to “fair” wireless connection in Waltham, MA. Oh that’s worth $118+ per month? IS IT TIME TO RETURN TO COMCAST?
    Other suggestions?Despite the horrors of Comcast and Time Warner, never had technical issues, destroyed entertainment components, and missing Linksys router after installation.

  14. Bill R

    The service is very unreliable, no dial tone for phone at least once/twice a day, internet goes dead while the router still says its connected to internet usually after 20 minutes to an hour of use, tv picture stutters or gets blocky and sometimes just goes black, and my $30 antenna gets a better picture. Tried several times to have it fixed but they keep saying there is nothing wrong. I wouldn’t recommend its service.

  15. Christin

    I’ve been with comcast for years. Only switched to fios b/c of comcast price increases. they were becoming excessive. fios is supposed to be better and the logic of why their technology should be better makes sense. all i can tell you, is what I experience. The fios commercial about slow page loads, pixelated pictures and the “reloading circle chasing its tail” is sadly an every day occurrence in my home now that I have fios.

  16. Corrine Benjamin

    I have been a customer of Verizon for the past 3 months now and I can say that the customer service is horrible. I was lied to by several reps just trying to make the sale. I reluctantly changed from Comcast hoping that Verizon fios would be better and is very dissatisfied. 1st of all, it cost about $30 more than what I was paying for the same channels at comcast. The customer service rep lied about the packages. 1st telling me that I can get a specific channel for a small fee, when in fact the I would be locked into a entire package that I didn’t ask for. When I complained, the second rep said that she would issue a credit for the term of the agreement. When I got my bill, the credit was not there. When I called back, I kept getting the run about with them saying that 1st they could review the calls and check the promised credit, then saying they couldn’t find the call to be reviewed. This is very deceitful company and their sales reps are all about making a sale and nothing more. I am currently searching for other services.

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