Should You Choose AT&T Internet & TV or Time Warner Cable?

AT&T Uverse and Time Warner Cable Logos

Choosing between AT&T U-verse and Time Warner Cable can be complex.

Both companies websites make it hard to find their plans and compare them to each other.

They add all sorts of hype and fancy sounding words to try and impress you.

While this is great for marketing, we've spent more than 10 hours diving through all the fine details to pull together a detailed comparison of the two companies offerings and the core differences.

At the bottom we'll also make recommendations on what is right for you and your family along with where each provider is available.

Which Provider to Choose: U-verse or TWC

After watching each of these companies for more than 5 years and having used both of their services (one in NYC and one in Austin), below are my recommendations of which you should use.

Price Shoppers — See Below

If you are looking for the lowest price for TV and broadband internet, then your best bet is AT&T U-verse, but only if they are running a good deal.

You're best bet to find the latest U-verse and TWC promotions is to visit these pages on their website:

On the pages above you'll see the latest deals, but one thing to consider is that you usually save money with U-verse if you bundle items together.

Additionally we also have a page dedicated to rating different U-verse deals if you're really trying to price shop.

TV Watchers — Choose AT&T U-verse

If you or someone in your family is a huge TV watcher, then go with AT&T U-verse because they've got a bigger channel selection and lower DVR costs.

That said, TWC does have lower HBO costs. :)

Heavy Internet Users — Time Warner Cable

If you need a reliable data connection for your work or online gaming, then Time Warner Cable's broadband service is the route to go. While it isn't too much faster than U-verse's the underlying technology is newer than U-verse's, so you'll typically get a faster connection with a lower ping. (less delay between page loads.)

Head to Head Comparison

AT&T Internet & TV

Time Warner Cable

December 2018: discount offer No offer available.

Lowest Triple Play Price

  • $99.99/Mo for 24 months.
  • Internet: up to 45 Mbps download
  • TV: up to 140 channels
  • Phone: unlimited.

Lowest Triple Play Price

  • Price: $109.99/mo for 12 months
  • Internet: Up to 30 Mbps Download
  • TV: 200+ Channels
  • Phone: Unlimited calling anywhere

Television Service

  • Standard Channels: 510+ Channels
  • HD Channels: 210+ Channels
  • Music: 48 Music Channels
  • HBO Cost: $16.00/month
  • DVR Cost: $8/mo
  • Additional Receiver Cost: One-time fee of $49 and monthly fee of $8 per receiver
  • Video on Demand: Yes, Visit Website

Television Service

  • Standard Channels: 200+ Channels
  • HD Channels: 100+ Channels
  • Music: 40+ Music Choice channels
  • HBO Cost: $9.99/Mo
  • DVR Cost: $33.54/Mo (Whole House HD-DVR)
  • Additional Receiver Cost: $15.25/Mo (HD Box)
  • Video on Demand: Yes, Visit Website

Internet Service

  • Internet: up to 45Mbps - $40/mo

Internet Service

Ultimate 300: 300 Mbps / 20 Mbps - $69.99/Mo
Ultimate 100: 100 Mbps / 5 Mbps - $69.99/Mo
Extreme: 30 Mbps / 5 Mbps - $59.99/Mo
Turbo: 20 Mbps / 2 Mbps - $49.99/Mo
Standard: 15 Mbps / 1 Mbps - $39.99/Mo
Basic: 3 Mbps /1 Mbps - $29.99/Mo
Everyday Low Price: 2 Mbps / 1Mbps - $14.99/Mo

Phone Service

  • AT&T U-verse Voice 200 - $25/mo
  • AT&T U-verse Voice Unlimited - $35/mo
  • AT&T U-verse Voice International & Mexico - $40 /mo
  • Additional Line - $15.00/Mo

Phone Service

  • Unlimited Calls - $10.00/Mo
  • Global Penny Phone Plan - $2.95/Mo
  • International OnePrice - $20.95

Additional Information

  • Contract Length:  Annual
  • Technology: Internet Protocol Television, Fiber Optics
  • Additional Fees: HD Services require $10/mo additional fee
  • Channel Line Up: Visit Website

Additional Information

  • Contract Length:  Annual
  • Technology: Coaxial Cable
  • Channel Line Up: Visit Website

Data based on zip code 78704 as of October 2014

Data collected Oct 2014 for 10002 zip code.


Time Warner Cable’s least expensive Triple Play package is significantly more expensive than that offered by the AT&T U-verse system, but AT&T’s U-verse actually offers significantly more channels, HD channels, and even offers premium channels that are typically the same price or within a few dollars of comparable Time Warner Cable offerings. In fact, many of the bundles are less expensive on AT&T’s U-verse system while others offer more channels and/or HD content at comparable price points. U-verse also offers faster overall broadband speeds, but does tend to assess a small premium at comparable speed points. Two areas where AT&T holds a significant advantage over Time Warner Cable are the U-verse digital telephone service and the ability of the U-verse system to pause and transfer programming from one STB (Set Top Box) to another.

Provider Availability: ATT U-Verse vs Time Warner Cable

One of the biggest elements to consider before comparing U-Verse and Time Warner is whether or not they both offer service in your area.

While both providers have large coverage areas, below is a map showing where each is available

Broadband Map

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