Should You Choose AT&T Internet & TV or DirecTV?

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Comparing U-verse and DirecTV isn't a straight forward comparison, but if you are looking for who has the best digital TV service then you've come to the right place.

Below you'll find a detailed comparison of what AT&T U-verse offers compared to what DirecTV offers.

Then below you'll see our recommendations.

DirecTV or U-verse: Which to Choose

After watching and comparing these 2 companies for over 5 years and using both at different times, I like to break down my recommendations into 3 main categories:

That said, below is a break down of which provider we recommend for you and your family.

Price Shoppers — See Below

For those of you looking for the lowest possible price, I highly recommend thoroughly comparing each providers deals.

The easiest way to do that is to visit each of the pages below:

On the pages above you'll see the latest deals, but one thing to consider is that you usually save money with U-verse if you bundle items together.

So if you are going to need internet connection, it's often cheaper to go with a U-verse double play instead of getting TV from DirecTV and internet from AT&T.

Additionally we also have a page dedicated to rating different U-verse deals if you're really trying to price shop.

Sports Fans — Choose DirecTV

If you are a sports fanatic, then generally I recommend DirecTV, but that is a caveat. Only go with DirecTV is you are fine with having an ugly satellite dish on your property. (It's a deal breaker for me.)

People Who Want Reliability — Choose U-Verse

While DirecTV does have better game coverage, the biggest problem is that if the whether is bad typically you'll lose your reception.

This isn't a problem, unless you're like me and have a wired connection (like AT&T but from a different company) and when the weather gets bad your next door neighbor comes over with a box of beer to watch the game on your TV.

While it's a cool for the first few times, sometimes you just want you own space and to watch the game reliably.

What I'd Choose — Choose U-Verse

Having used both companies, I'd definitely choose U-verse over DirecTV.

This is mainly because I hate the way satellites work and look, but if I wasn't so apposed, I may be open to giving DirecTV another chance.

Back in 2009 at my first condo, I had bad luck with the installer who did damage to my condo that cost quite a bit to repair, I don't want to relive that.

Head to Head Comparison

AT&T Internet & TV


December 2018: discount offer No offer available.

Lowest Triple Play Price

  • $99.99/Mo for 24 months.
  • Internet: up to 45 Mbps download
  • TV: up to 140 channels
  • Phone: unlimited.

Lowest Triple Play Price

No Triple Play Offered Through DirecTV.
For triple play packages that include Directv service check AT&T DSL and Verizon High Speed Internet

Television Service

  • Standard Channels: 510+ Channels
  • HD Channels: 210+ Channels
  • Music: 48 Music Channels
  • HBO Cost: $16.00/month
  • DVR Cost: $8/mo
  • Additional Receiver Cost: One-time fee of $49 and monthly fee of $8 per receiver
  • Video on Demand: Yes, Visit Website

Television Service

  • Standard Channels: 285+ Channels
  • HD Channels: 195+ Channels
  • Music: Unknown
  • HBO Cost: $17.99 per month -- Free for 3 months
  • DVR Cost: $199.00
  • Additional Receiver Cost: $99
  • Video on Demand: Yes, View Website

Internet Service

  • Internet: up to 45Mbps - $40/mo

Internet Service

DIRECTV partners with the top names in the Internet service from AT&T, CenturyLink, Exede, Cincinnati Bell, HughesNet, Windstream, Verizon and Mediacom.

Satellite internet are also provided through a partnership with WildBlue.

Phone Service

  • AT&T U-verse Voice 200 - $25/mo
  • AT&T U-verse Voice Unlimited - $35/mo
  • AT&T U-verse Voice International & Mexico - $40 /mo
  • Additional Line - $15.00/Mo

Phone Service

No Phone Service Provided by DirecTV

Additional Information

  • Contract Length:  Annual
  • Technology: Internet Protocol Television, Fiber Optics
  • Additional Fees: HD Services require $10/mo additional fee
  • Channel Line Up: Visit Website

Additional Information

  • Contract Length:  24-Month Agreement
  • Technology: Satellite
  • Additional Fees: HD Service $4.99/Mo

Data based on zip code 78704 as of October 2014

Data collected October 2014 for 78704 zip code.


DirecTV’s main appeal is its wide availability. That being said, AT&T U-verse uses an advanced vDSL-powered system is already deployed in many major markets. Because of At&T's large footprint U-verse and compares very favorably with DirecTV in nearly every way including availability. DirecTV does not bundle digital cable, digital telephone, and broadband in-house, but instead outsources some of these operations to other companies, which ultimately lowers their ability to compete effectively. With nearly 400 channels on tap, AT&T handily out-classes DirecTV’s nearly 300 channels, but the two are nearly neck and neck when it comes to HD offerings. Premium packages and additional receives are too close to call, though DirecTV does offer more digital music channels. AT&T’s U-verse does offer unique features such as the ability to pause and transfer live programming from one STB (Set Top Box) to another, while DirecTV uses satellites to deliver programming and broadband. Satellites are very useful for those on the go, but are limited by weather and overall performance.

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