Should You Choose AT&T Internet & TV or Comcast Xfinity?

AT&T Uverse and Comcast Logos

While everyone's heard of these two telecom giants, choosing between AT&T U-verse and Comcast Xfinity isn't as easy as it looks.

Both companies, make their sales process confusing and riddled with hidden fees and fine print.

To help you along your way, we've gone through and dissected each provider's offerings and laid them out an easy to compare format.

Below you'll see a comparison chart, coverage area, and our recommendations of which provider to go with.

We hope all our legwork saves you not only a few minutes but money too.

Which to Choose: U-verse or Xfinity

While U-verse and Xfinity essentially offer the same services, the main differentiator is the technology underlying the connections and the companies providing the service.

That said, below is a break down of which provider we recommend for you and your family.

Price Shoppers — See Below

Generally U-verse has better prices than Comcast, but it really depends on the promotions they are offering. So make sure to check around.

The easiest way to find the best deals on U-verse and Comcast is to visit the links below as each of them will help you break down the best prices in your area.

Additionally we also have a page dedicated to rating different U-verse deals if you're really trying to price shop.

Heavy TV Watchers — Choose U-Verse

If you watch a ton of TV, choose U-verse. Not only do they offer more channels, but generally their pricing is better.

That said, if you are someone who watched 80+ hours a week of TV, you may be interested in the new Comcast X1 platform that is definitely a step up over traditional DVRs... but honestly it's not something worth switching to Comcast over because they are routinely rated the worst provider in the industry.

Heavy Internet users — Choose U-Verse

While Comcast does offer faster speeds than U-verse, they have a 250gb or 300gb (depending on where you live) data cap. This means if you watch too much Netflix or Youtube, you could get an additional charge on your monthly bill.

On the other hand AT&T's service while it is slower, they don't enforce their datacap meaning you can use all the data you want and watch Netflix without worrying about a hike on your internet bill.

Head to Head Comparison

AT&T Internet & TV

Comcast Xfinity

December 2018: discount offer No offer available.

Lowest Triple Play Price

  • $99.99/Mo for 24 months.
  • Internet: up to 45 Mbps download
  • TV: up to 140 channels
  • Phone: unlimited.

Lowest Triple Play Price

  • Price: $94.95/Mo for for 24 months
  • Internet: 3 Mbps down
  • TV: 45 Channels
  • Phone: Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text

Television Service

  • Standard Channels: 510+ Channels
  • HD Channels: 210+ Channels
  • Music: 48 Music Channels
  • HBO Cost: $16.00/month
  • DVR Cost: $8/mo
  • Additional Receiver Cost: One-time fee of $49 and monthly fee of $8 per receiver
  • Video on Demand: Yes, Visit Website

Television Service

  • Standard Channels: 260+ Channels
  • HD Channels: 90+ Channels
  • Music: 50 Music Channels
  • HBO Cost: from $17.95 to $21.95
  • DVR Cost: $15.95/Mo
  • Additional Receiver Cost: $9.95/Mo
  • Video on Demand: Yes, Visit Website

Internet Service

  • Internet: up to 45Mbps - $40/mo

Internet Service

  • Blast: 105Mbps Down - $89.99/Mo
  • Performance with Blast!: 50Mbps Down - $39.99/Mo
  • Performance: 25 Mbps Down - $39.99/Mo
  • Performance Starter: 6 Mbps - $49.95/Mo
  • Economy Plus 3 Mbps - $19.99/Mo
  • All plans include a data cap

Phone Service

  • AT&T U-verse Voice 200 - $25/mo
  • AT&T U-verse Voice Unlimited - $35/mo
  • AT&T U-verse Voice International & Mexico - $40 /mo
  • Additional Line - $15.00/Mo

Phone Service

  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text - $44.95/Mo
  • Additional Line - Call for pricing

Additional Information

  • Contract Length:  Annual
  • Technology: Internet Protocol Television, Fiber Optics
  • Additional Fees: HD Services require $10/mo additional fee
  • Channel Line Up: Visit Website

Additional Information

  • Contract Length: Month to Month, 6 Months, Annual
  • Technology: Coaxial Cable
  • Additional Fees: EMTA modem $3.50 per month
  • Channel Line Up: Visit Website
  • BroadbandNow good site to check for continually updated with the latest Comcast Xfinity Deals and Promotions

Data based on zip code 78704 as of October 2014

Data collected October 2014 for 34231 zip code.


AT&T U-verse offers Triple Play bundles which start at price points significantly lower than bundles offered by Comcast, and usually offer better features. Additionally, the ability to pause and transfer video amongst different U-verse enabled STBs (Set Top Boxes) gives Uverse a tangible edge over Comcast’s offerings. Comcast’s Xfinity broadband tends to be a better value from a strictly download-speed-for-the-dollar basis, but AT&T’s U-verse relies on a low-ping vDSL that may prove superior for some tasks.

Provider Availability: ATT U-Verse vs Comcast

One of the biggest elements to consider before comparing providers is whether or not the provider is even available in your area. Below you'll see maps for both Comcast and U-verse.

Broadband Map

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