Time Warner Cable is the 2nd largest cable operator in the United States. Their services include Digital Cable, High Speed Internet (Road Runner High Speed Online) and Digital Phone. Time Warner Cable operates in 28 states and as of 2009 they had relationships with more than 14.6 million customers.

Time Warner Cable operates in the following states:
Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Core cable clusters are located in New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio,, Southern California, and Texas.

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Consumer Reviews for Time Warner Cable.

  1. Overall OK

    I had Time Warner Cable installed roughly a month ago, so far the internet service has been pretty good. I live in Austin, TX and I am currently getting about 15Mbps down and under 1Mbps up.

    The plan I have says I should get “up to” 15Mbps+ down and 2Mbps up. This is during the highest traffic time (5pm-10pm).

    Overall the internet seems fast enough for my needs. I am satisfied.

  2. No Choice...
    Jean-Yves Ducornet

    TV is OK, but the image is always out of sync with the audio.

    Internet is the slowest ever!!!!

    Everyone I’ve talked to (about 7 people) has the same crappy slow internet with Time Warner. I got the fastest possible service and I get bottlenecks all the time. Sometimes it takes forever for a page to load then it loads fine for a few minutes, then back to nothing at all for a few minutes. Loading multiple pages at once via tabs? Impossible. The system chokes and the consecutive pages just won’t load ever unless the other pages are closed.

    I just hate the service, but I have no choice because there is nothing else in the area.

  3. Frustrated
    Ted Owens

    I have had TWC for about 7 Months. I attempted to get through to customer service buy phone, by internet chat and by conntacting “order new service”. Howerver I didn’t remmember the phone number I had when I signed up ( I transfered from out of state and had since changed all of my numbers)which put me at a great disadvantage.
    It does not matter that you pay your bill on time or that they provide service to your address….If you forget your “Old” phone number (service that they do not even provide) they cannot help you…..cannot find you in the system…and have no alternative method to identify you. Frustrated I gave up and the next day I got a transcript of my on line chat….and three calls (from Bangladesh)trying to expand my service….but oddly enough no one from tech service followed up.

  4. New area

    Time Warner upstate NY. This is a brand new area for TWC. before all we had was satellite internet. Got the triple pack with EXTREME (up to 30Mbps up/5Mbps down) and the speed test usually shows between 20 and 25Mbps up. But I’m surprised that the person who mentioned multiple tabs loading fails above it right. Even with 1/10the speed Verizon DSL (which we had yesterday) my 24 tab Firefox sessions would all load, but it took a long time. It still takes a while and about 1/3 the tabs just won’t load at all (server not found). You have to click ‘try again’ repeatedly. I had a long chat and remote control session with a tech and he told me it’s not TWC AT ALL, but I had to clear all my history, cache and cookies and DNS cache. Well, he did that but same problem happens repeatedly. Clearly there is some problem that they don’t want to admit. would appreciate if anyone knows how to fix this. thanks.

  5. The Worst

    I am the new customer and I see that the experience I had is the worst. Looks like these guys doesn’t care for the customer at all. I give a 0 (zero) rating for the service they provide. I am surprised to see that if they treat the new customers this way, what will be the situation of the existing customer? Since this is is only service provider in my area, I have no option to go with a different service provider. If there is atleast a 1% chance of going with a different service provider, I would definitely go with them. No Time Warner cable because of the very very bad and worst experience I had, but unfortunately no option.

  6. Avoid it like the plague

    I have TWC intenet in southeast Alabama. This is the worst service I have had anywhere in the US. I’m typing this from my phone because for the fifth time in 7 months, my internet is once again out even though I pay more here than anywhere else in the US. Good luck trying to call customer service. No one will answer and if they do, they hang up on you while trying to connect you to a “service manager.” I would go with any other company if there was one offered in this area.

  7. Treat Me Like a New Customer
    Marion Shafer

    I am an old customer. My service went down Sunday night. We called in Monday morning and were told , they were tied up with
    new customers. No one can help you untill Thursday.
    Guess what. They will need a new one to replace me as a customer.I am calling around now to see what else is offered.

    Marion Shafer

  8. Look Elsewhere

    Time Warner Cable is the most difficult company I have ever dealt with. Their phone system is designed to frustrate customers and get them to hang up. I have had time warner at 3 different locations and my first bill is always incorrect. They often say “I can’t do that for you” and made me come to the store location to get a new pin number. Every time I use the phone system I am on the line for an hour or more and have to tell a new person my situation. This company is horrible on customer service use a different provider if you can!

  9. Unreliable Router

    The Internet although fast is extremely spotty it runs for 10 min and just randomly shuts down and turns on like nothing happened this happens all day for no apparent reason twc is the worst service I’ve had I had century link Internet before this and it was moderately fast and never shut off at random intervals. I highly recommend not getting twc

  10. Stop Scamming

    Very very disappointing!! I give them -1 for customer service. I am a new customer and had a payment issue,spoke to 3 different persons and they all told me 3 different things. Seriously TWC get your act right and stop scamming people!

  11. Fedup with TWC

    I have had Time Warner Cable in Greensboro NC for over 10 years. I am finally fed up with them. They have the worst broadcast and built in contracts which restrict you from viewing any sort of sporting events that you want to watch. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to purchase Time Warner to stay away, especially if you like watching sporting events like myself. You can’t even pay to get the NFL network or NFL Sunday Ticket, which is one of many problems with them. If you are looking to purchase any TV services I would recommend getting Direct TV, I am tomorrow. This is coming from a 10+ year existing customer. TWC Sucks!

  12. Charged for Downgrading

    I called in to downgrade my services and was treated very rudely. I was denied a supervisor or manager and stated no one could help me. I was told I had to pay $39 for a tech to come out and downgrade my service and I also had to take the box into an office. I stated how unprofessional and inconsiderate the company was by incurring a cost for downgrading and also incoveniencing a long time customer by not allowing the tech to pick up the box while he is on site. I was put on hold and the csr would not give me her name. I have been on hold for 45 minutes and still nothing has been resolved. Please do not use this company!

  13. What Customer Service?

    Time warner is the worst service I have ever had. Their customer service is lacking. I have been over charged for hundreds of dollars because of their mistakes. The craziest thing is they are impossible to get a hold of and when you do get a hold of them they waste your time and leave your issues unresolved. I really dislike time warner and found writing a review on them was the simplest way to vent. I have never written a review on something before so it shows its bad!

  14. Worst Overall
    Luisa Spadafino

    Time Warner Cable is OVERALL the worst customer service both in person AND on the phone that I have ever experienced with a professional company. The telephone operators are rude and unprofessional, the automated reminder-calls for service appointments call at all hours of the night 6-10x starting a week prior to your appointment. I have NEVER had a proper note from a previous call notated properly in my account. I have NEVER had a customer service call with them that resulted in my problem being fixed. The picture cuts out regularly and the cable box has stopped working twice. We paid for DVR for months with it not working and they would not give us a credit for that time. We left a note for them to try to come at the tail end of the service time-window, so they came 1/2 hour BEFORE the window and caused us to miss the service appt and take ANOTHER day off of work to have them come AGAIN. DESPITE all this they are the ONLY service provider in New York City??????? Someone please explain to me how this can be?!

  15. Pay More and Go Elsewhere

    Time warner cabe has the worst service I have ever experienced. We have called them twice to come out to our house(in the one month we have had them) and both times have been a headache. The first time we scheduled we had to stay home ALL DAY just to call them after five to find out they scheduled the dispatch on the wrong day. A week later we finally got them here only to find out that when the job was done they didn’t burry the cable down far enough and our dog chewed the wires. The second time we called we waited again ALL DAY just to receive a missed call @ 4:45 no message or anything just a call. 15 minutes later we call back only to find out the Cable guy had lied and told the company he tried to call us 3 times couldn’t reach us and ASSUMED we weren’t home. So he cancelled the appointment and there was nothing we could do besides reschedule for another day (like we have all the time in the world to wait all day again). I would recommend paying the extra money and going with a better rated company. you will save your money in aspirin.

  16. Bogus Billing

    Today I got my bill. It was $17.26 higher than last month. I got a letter in May, 2012 telling me it would be $20 less per month because I was a valued customer after 10+ years with TWC. Gee, what happened to being a valued customer? I will be switching companies soon. Doing research to pick one that will likely not be so bad.

  17. Must use THEIR modem

    It is the worst service provider i have experienced. As TWC charging for the their equipment (modem)i have bought one of my own. To set up it on to my account it took them more than 12hrs and still it is not connected. My new modem is a very high end one SBG6580,i have been on call with TWC almost for 6hrs and still the issue is not resolved. Customer service agent assigned a technician for next day (as he told)8:00 AM, noboyd turned till 8:30 AM when i called my local TWC to check the technician status, i was surprised to know that the technician is scheduled for next day that is after 36hrs ours my internet lost.
    This the worst worst ISP i have ever encountered. SHAME on you Time Warner Cable.

  18. Go with AT&T

    My girlfriend has been trying to get cable for us for a week now. And this so called cable provider has yet to do there freaking job. The first two appointments. One they said they would call us an hour before they came by. within there 12 hour window provided for the cable guy. we never got that call. But the did give us a description of my doormat. ” kinda freaky” Nice of him to knock. Cuz I was home the whole day. Then the second appointment. Some how mysteriously disappears. So yet again I’m sitting waiting for this fucking cable guy. for the second day. And still nothing. So I get fed up and go pick up the freaking cable boxes myself. Thinking this might help. But now for the third time in the last week. I’m waiting on this asshole, to now just come by flip a switch in my cable box. Because I already did the instal. that anyone who can read, can do. but still nothing from this so called cable company! Just wanted to say TIME WARNER, you suck! If anyone out there is looking for a good cable provider. Don’t go with time Warner. Pay the extra few bucks and go with At&t.

  19. Clueless
    Eric Foster

    We are getting a steady stream of phone calls that are ‘cross-routed’ to another number and the person call that number gets routed to our office. This happens on both lines we have and Time Warner expects us to keep detailed records of these occurrences before they will do anything on their end.

    Also tried to blame my home phone company when I already explained that it was happening on more than one phone.

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