Cox Communications also known as Cox Cable is a US based communications company that offers services such as Digital Television, High Speed Internet, and Digital Phone Service.

Currently Cox Cable operates in 15 states including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New England, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Virgina.

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Consumer Reviews for Cox Cable.

  1. What to Do?
    Cherie Rogers

    We recived service for phone, internet, TV on Tuesday but by Wednesday we had no working phone again. AND no way to contact anyone.

    Customer service is impossible to find/contact so what do you do???

  2. Useless techs
    Richard Carlson

    They constantly seem to raise prices and at year end want a 12 mo contract to advance the so called discount for the triple play package. Their technicians seem poorly trained and one damaged my wall when he said we had to rewire with new cable. I minimized the damage by staying with him and “helping” him. They advised me to change my cable box when in fact the problem was actually my wireless router. This caused me to make several trips back to Best Buy to return a cable modem and buy a Cisco wireless router. Did the install myself to avoid the COX charges and frustration.

    When my contract is up I will not wait one second before changing over to Verizon FIOS. It seems that COX has taken over the role ATT had when they we a monopoly 40 years ago. Screw th consumer at any cost. Well boys, there is a new sheriff in town. Thank you Verizon for the option. At over $145/mo good ridence to COX.

  3. See You in Court
    logan slavens

    We ownen a pizza restaurant with cable through cox and phone and internet through AT&T. We decided to switch our phone and internet to cox to save money by bundling our phone, cable, internet together. WOW WHAT A MISTAKE! Our cable through cox has always been pretty good but the the phone and internet was a nightmare! We were consent loosing phone service at the worst possible times and customer service could never help us out. Basically they would tell us they would tell us they would research the problem and get back to us. Each time I would ask for a time frame and they couldnt tell me anything. The fastest they ever got back in touch with us was about 15 hours later (no exaggeration!) We depend on our phones for about 75% of our buisness. In one night they cost us an estimated $2000 in buisness when our phones went down. Finnaly we decided we couldnt deal with it anymore and switched back to AT&T…havent had a problem since with our phones. Today we recieved a bill for $2656.62 for early termination of contract! Seems to me cox broke their end of the contract long before we ever got rid of their phone and internet service. Bottom line unless you hate having money, making money, and being happy in general dont use cox cable! See ya in court cox!

  4. Horrible

    My Experience with Cox customer service has been horrible. Absolutely ridiculous. I was excited to finally get cable in my apartment and when I called they said I needed a $50 deposit. Which was not a big deal, I just needed to get the money together to activate service. Well, when I finally got the money and called back after two weeks they say “oh no you do not need a deposit just the activation fee.” Wow, ok two weeks passed thanks for misleading me! I pay the activation fee. Service is activated but I am still not receiving service. I call and they say oh well “to send out a technician its going to be another fee.” Ok, well forget it just refund my money. The representative at Cox said I would get my money back within four weeks, which is ridiculous in itself but oh well. The next day I called to verify this info with another Cox representative because at this point I feel like I have gotten the run around an awful lot and the representative confirmed the information. WELL, IT HAS BEEN FOUR WEEKS AND NO REFUND!! I called today and the representative told me that the refund was never put thru! WOW COX! REALLY? You’re customer service is horrible and I will be telling all my family and friends about my experience here. Do Not Give Your Business To Cox!

  5. My Opinion

    Wow this site really helped, but here’s my own opinion:First of all, Verizon has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! back when I had DSL with Verizon, I kept running into problems every so often. So I would be stuck with calling them. They either did not pick up, or I would be on the phone for literally 4 hours, I honestly swear this is not an exaggeration, my dad was so frustrated. Also once they accidentally transferred me to someones house instead of another department, so I ended up with some old lady yelling at me for calling her house at 11! I was like what the heck is wrong with you Verizon!Though their customer service is horrible their technicians are great, they tell you pretty much everything their is.Ok, so customer service sucks, but that makes up in the TV area. Honestly they have great TV service, the HD channels rock, Since I just got Fios 2 days ago.The phone, I really don’t hear a difference except my parents love so i guess it’s fine. But personally I really don’t need a home phone. My sister, dad, and I have cell phones from Verizon and the reception is ok, not that great, but bearable.Ok, the internet. So I think its totally amazing! Everything is blazing fast, I never thhought that my stupid old AMD could go this fast but Its real nice to have everything load faster. So here’s the down fall. Fios compared to DSL with DSL you get great wireless service but slower speed, with Fios, its the exact opposite. I live in a town house and my computer with the modem is at the very top floor (3rd floor) And we have 2 laptops with internet. My dads laptop is only down the hall and sometimes the internet will just go out for a while then come back on. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW FRUSTRATING THAT IS WHEN MY DAD IS TRYING TO PAY BILLS ON HIS LAPTOP THEN THE INTERNET GOES OUT!!!The only solution that the nice technician told us was that you either need to move the antenna of the modem around or get some wireless connection boosters(non of them are associated with Verizon)So I’ll you guys decide on what to do. We still have a month to decide in what to do. So once that passes, I’ll come back and say what I thought and what we did, but I’ll tell you this TV wise, you pay WAY more for Cox then Verizon because for the past 7 years, we and basic Cox TV and we had been receiving accidental channels that weren’t even in the package so we either had to go to Fios or pay an extra, (total of about $50) to get barely 102 channels and have of the middle ones don’t work.That is what I think, hope this helped!

  6. Don't Use Cox

    Do NOT use cox as your provider… if you have issues you will be transferred at least 4 times and plan on being on the phone TRYING to get an issue resolved IF it even gets resolved at at least an hour.
    I have NEVER been so frustrated with any customer service as I have with COX… THEY SUCK!!!

  7. Monopoly
    F. Zapata

    Cox cable has a virtual, maybe actual monopoly on broadband internet service in our neighborhood. The only other alternative that is actually AVAILABLE is satellite internet, which is expensive, slower and just about as unreliable as Cox. CenturyLink, formerly Qwest, will not touch our service saying “they don’t have service in our area”, which is BULL because they are all around us, just not in our neighborhood. The Cox service tech’s are generally either defensive when you call in or don’t know anything and Cox has this phone system that forces you to repeat your name, phone number and social last 4 about three times before you actually get to talk about what is wrong with your service. The broadband drops out frequently and when Cox decides to upgrade their system, they don’t tell their customers who later find out they need a new modem or wireless router for their home internet system to work properly. That’s Cox…the consumer comes last and you can’t fire them because Cox owns the monopoly and no competitor will touch it.

  8. We've had the worst problems
    Jeff Waugh

    I promise you, none of you have had a fraction of the problems we’ve had with Cox after buying this house 10 years ago. It’s a 2 story, 2,700 SQ.FT home, with 2 DVR’s and 1 regular box. First of all, with a new name brand 60″ TV, several other Sony Vizios etc. We had a really bad problem with TV “tiling”, where the screen scrambles. They had come out probably 5 times, each time, a different tech, all nice and professional. One guy says, well, I think we should move the wiring to inside the house from stapled under the roof eaves. He couldn’t get permission at the time. Next tech, says well, there’s a 4 way splitter, with 1 open port, even though the hole is about the diameter of a needle, he said you probably have outside RF interference coming through the needle size hole, he put a cap on the unused hole. Same problems. Next tech changes that out to one with right # of outlets on it, then claims we need a booster inside the attic, installs one ( at fee of course ). Same problems. Next tech comes out, asks to use our computer, pinged their system, it comes back with I think 15 glitches, where it was so many milliseconds later in the return signal, but says out of 1,000 times of pinging it, yes, it’s not right, but that shouldn’t be causing the problem, but it also shouldn’t have any. He calls out a box truck to check signals coming to the green pedestal. This tech checks it for 3 hours, says it showed no bloops. About 2-3 months later, I got the paper at 5:30 AM, this same tech was there checking the signal at the pedestal, said he’d been their 3 hours already, found it was glitching so many times per 30 minutes, then explains to me that ( I think he said ), there’s not supposed to be more than 450 ft. between pedestals, yet ours was about 600 ft+ between ours and the next one, to make it worse, it goes from the box 600ft away up to the next street over, then to ours. Also, from the pedestal to the house shouldn’t be over 150 ft. ours since it goes around a shed in the back yard had been routed about 350-400 ft. Finally, they got permission to re-route the wiring from outside to the inside, and since they were such good guys, they weren’t going to charge us for doing so. This included 3 techs and 2 stupidvisors to oversee it. Next week, call them again, same problems, just more. Next tech comes out, complains the last techs didn’t rewire the downdrops where the lines come from upstairs to downstairs, and the down drops had the old style cable they don’t use any longer. He installs all new ones, then leaves. 2 days later, another tech, who claims he didn’t like the last tech had installed the steel cable connectors on the wires, so he reinstalls new ones, says it’s OK, it appeared to be so. Two weeks later, yet another call, a new tech who’d been there no less than 5 times, all we could do is laugh, as he said I can’t believe out of this many times, we still can’t get it right. Next one comes in, says the signal amplifier that had been put in years earlier, had no business being there, removes it. Next one or two techs, put another one in. Next time, they came out, decided the pedestal was bad, replace it, I had to loan him some specialty tools to get some compomnents off of it. Then, after about 6-7 years of more patience than I should have shown, it appeared to be OK ( for awhile anyway ). I subscribe to NetFlix, worked just fine, but on many times, often starting around 7:00 PM until midnight, the movie I was watching, would just pause for 3 to 20 seconds, timing out, saying signal strenght not strong enough, then it would come back on, Netflix blamed it on Cox, natually, Cox reps say they always get the blame for it, when reality is that NetFlix’s software has problems. Only problem is, there’s a meter on screen shows the signal speed, when it acts up, I’ll see the speed drop down to 0.03 MBPS, as soon as it comes up to over 1 or 2, it works fine, especially when it will get up to 7-8 mbps. However, Cox blames it on NetFlix. Last but not least, about 3 years ago, I had gone to the local Cox store, asking if there was anything we could do to save some money on our bill. They said “Well, if you take your home phone out, it will save you about $35-$40 per month. About 6 months ago, I went in again, as I was questioning why our bill seems to keep going up, especially the internet, when we first got it, their standard rate was $19.95 or $21.95 per month, which I could always right off on my taxes for working out of home instead of our corporate office in Houston, then I saw it one time being $51 per month, once it went up to $71 per month, they just don’t break them down well. Now, I was told just the opposite, that if I want to save money, to remove the home phone, it will drop your bill $35. per month ! But as many prior to me, it’s like the only game in town. I wanted to get Direct TV, but we’ve got two 200 year old Oak trees that wouldn’t allow them to focus their dish, unless we cut the top half off both trees ! No Way !

  9. Bad bad bad
    Anne Watts

    Worst customer service EVER. The Call center operator tells you to visit the service center – the local service center says they cannot help – they run the customer in circles – to exhaustion. Poor Quality Service, (in Connecticut). Repeated “tiling” and breakups of audio and video. Service reps seem to be anxious to end the call – problem resolved or NOT.Overall rating Poor Quality, Poor Customer Focus, and unprofessional service personnel.

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