Comcast Cable offers Digital TV, High Speed Internet, and Digital Phone services.

Comcast Cable is the largest cable provider in the United States with over 25 million television subscribers in 39 states.

Comcast High Speed internet offers download speeds of up to 50 Mbps and upstream speeds of up to 10 Mbps. Comcast’s fastest speeds are achieved using DOCSIS 3.0.

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Consumer Reviews for Comcast Cable.

  1. Crazy Pricing

    The rates just keep going up and up.

  2. Too Expensive

    It is getting much too expensive for all three services. It is more than the cost of a monthly car payment. We are currently looking for alternatives to this service.

  3. No alternatives

    Cost is going to the moon, they are a monopoly. no other services available in our rural area.

  4. Insane Pricing

    Very expensive for what you get, and Comcast keeps nickle and diming you to increase your fees. Their billing department is often clueless, and you’ll get several different responses depending on who you speak with. I’m looking for a good alternative, and wish FIOS was available in our area!

  5. Horrible

    Comcast service really does suck. an installer came out Fri. for installation. of course if they say between 8-12 they mean 11:58. the installer did not complete the installation completely. the upstairs televisions did not receive all the channels, the remotes were not programed to any of the televisions, but he was friendly and he tried. Tues another tech came out fixed the channels, replaced my personal modem with one of comcast modems and took my modem with him. we got the channels upstairs but in exchange for the telephone service. now we do not have a dial tone. after calling for an entire week requesting that a tech be sent out to fix the problem. I was told that was not necessary. the ticket needed to be handled inhouse and esclated upstairs to a higher tech support??? this incident took place three times with three different representatives, no one called or came out to fix the problem. the phone still doesn’t work (and neither does my security system) and comcast still hasn’t contacted me. when calling yet again I’m told that the number was lost and that they have to find out where it is, and port it if they can. the number was there Fri, during the first install, so how does comcast loose a number? Comcast is wack like crack, just say nooooo

  6. Comcast Difference
    Jesse (CAE-IP)

    I am not one to side with my current employer “Comcast” simply because I work for the company. I on the other hand ask to be looked at as someone who simply wants to correct falsifications of proven truths.

    – Comcast automatically gives a 30 day money back guarantee,if dissatisfied service

    – Comcast does offer third party routers,but no monthly lease fee, a mere one time 10.00 s+H fee and they mail you a brand new Netgear,Linkses,or Belkin router,that is yours as long as you have comcast service.

    – Comcast gives a usual 4 hour time frame for tech calls,but also offer 2 hour intervals when requested by the customer with special requests for even an earlier time.

    – Comcast technicians are always company, never sub contracters

    These are some facts, please respect the fact that I am simply correcting false information on this site, before you flood my Email.

  7. Avoid


    Remember that cable service is a luxury and entertainment and luxury items are expensive. Look at the cost of going to a movie. You will soon find out what my household luxury and entertainment cost me monthly.

    I went without basic cable for over 10 year’s and only subscribed to the local broadcast for under $20 a month. It has enough to keep me in tune with the world as well as sit back with my husband and relax to a movie or news.

    I have recently upgraded to Comcast’s Digital Economy $29.95 a month and it provides Disney and many other favorite channels. With Digital Economy I already have the digital box so it is easy to upgrade over the phone. If I want too upgrade for a night to catch some HBO or other Digital channel’s as a treat too myself instead of going to the movies which would cost me and my husband minimum $20 for one movie night. I would rather stay at home and call Comcast and upgrade to a higher level. They prorate so it does not cost me that much to upgrade and downgrade. Saving money is always worth the trouble. I am usually really nice to the customer support agents and if there is a fee to upgrade I normally ask if they can waive it or split the cost with me. Sometimes I pay $5 to upgrade to Digital Starter or the higher levels but it’s definitely worth it versus driving to a movie, waiting in line and listening to other people around me. I don’t miss that anymore. I get the most for my money by staying home and enjoying my cable and internet services.

    My Comcast bill is between $108-$150+ plus tax monthly for Cable with a Hd-DVR and internet service and depending on if I upgrade for more channels to enjoy more time with my husband when we are not video gaming together. I need 20mg internet speed because me and my husband are avid video game player’s and belong to many online group forums and participate in video game review’s and stream movies with Amazon Prime Membership. We like to make our own video entertainment where we are the movie stars and we have a lot of fun meeting other couples that video game as well. Our video game entertainment monthly ranges from $300 to $1000 a month depending on the games that come out monthly. We don’t rent because we normally buy the collector editions of our favorite games.

    We purchase most of our household items through Amazon subscription and save so much money buying online. I can buy Nature’s Path Omega 3 Pecan Crunch cereal in stores for about $5 a box but at Amazon I buy 6 for $12. They even have a monthly subscription so you can budget it monthly at a lower price. With Amazon Prime Membership the shipping is mostly free unless you want it quicker than 2 day’s or you are buying a product through a third party but even then you are guaranteed a low price shipping. Mostly $.99c depending on the items.

    We all make life choices and if we need more entertainment in our lives then we need to be willing to pay the cost for it. Cable and internet are a luxury and only a necessity by our own choices.

    I stopped my $100 a month cell phone service over 2 year’s ago. I decided why should I continue to pay this much money so that everyone can find and talk too me at all times of the day. I basically emailed my family and occasionally would call them from work or from a friend’s cell phone. Mostly by email. I would pay my bills on my lunch hour at work and if necessary go down and use a pay phone.

    Within the last 6 month’s I have signed up for Comcast triple play bundle service and don’t need to worry about borrowing a phone or driving to a pay phone.

    Life is what you make of it and live it. I choose not to whine and cry about paying for luxury items. Instead I would rather complain about the price of gas and food since those are not luxury items.

    Thanks for listening and considering the other choices you have in life.

    P.S. I can’t believe how many people and children have cell phones these days. It feels very unsafe on the roads these days because everyone is so distracted in keeping in touch with everyone at all times of the day. Don’t complain about cable and internet when you pay a pretty big chunk monthly for cell phone service. A big waste of time in your life and you are willing to pay lots of money to spend your precious life chatting with others via cell phone.

    Now a days you can sit in the comfort of your home or use a IPod Touch to video chat with your family and friends or even play video games together with your family in other states. XBox 360 Kinnect and PS3 offer video chatting.

    Me and my husband love to travel and take our gaming systems with us to other states. We normally have a flat screen tv we bring with us and hook up in the hotel room so we can continue to enjoy video gaming on the road. We can connect to the internet with our PS3 and search the web the same as when we are at home. We can sign into our Comcast account and watch the shows we like to watch while at home as well as order a movie.

    Good luck too all of you in your lives and the choices you make in life. Enjoy it because it is too short.

    I stopped my phone service over 2 year

  8. The Worst!
    Mike Koperna

    Comcast is absolutely the worst cable provider I have ever experienced. I have had Direct TV, Verizon Fios, and last but not least the horrible service that comcast tries to provide. I have this service at my second home at the shore, which I rent out to clients. This is the 3rd time I have had service issues with my cable going out and not to mention hours on the phone to get a service tech out so my tenants can get cable and be able to watch tv. My clients have had no cable for 2 days before a tech could get out and fix the service what a disgrace. I had to compensate a credit to the tenant of $100 for 2 days without TV and what does comcast say we will be out in 2 days to check it and let us give you a $20 credit what a crock and insult. Not even 24hrs later the same problem another credit I have to provide to a renter of $50 and time lost at my job being on the phones and comcast god bless their little hearts provides me with a 24hr follow up to fix my services and gives me a $20 credit. WHAT AN INSULT AND DISGRACE! I just lost money ,time wasted and more importantly a repeat customer all because of comcast and their service. YES as soon as other service is availble I am switching and encouraging everyone I know never to use Comcast!!!

  9. Worst In the US

    I know why Comcast is rated as one of 10 worst co. in the U.S.! They made a billing error for 6 months on our acct. After finally picking up their equipment their accounting dept.was not notified (by the tech?) They then notified a collection agency. Now our credit takes a hit, the mistake all along has been Comcast’s! AND, I have to walk the receipt into their office that was given to me by the tech who picked up the equipment, because somehow they don’t have the information. And – surprise, surprise – I’m unable to post a review on another website linked to them. Will never use Comcast again, and would advise anyone else that asks me to steer clear!

  10. Only Contractors

    Above, “Jesse (CAE-IP)” says technicians are Comcast employees, never contractors. I was told by a Comcast customer service rep (I has his name and ID, but will not publish it here) three days ago that they often use contractors for cable installation. This as a potential excuse why I’ve had a cable down for over 3 weeks in my yard, as to why they have not responded as promised, and as an excuse for why they have NO IDEA when anyone will be out to repair it.
    This is in Michigan FYI, I don’t know if Comcast has different rules and procedures in other locales.

  11. Not a fan

    Our TV keeps going on and off and the tech that installed it a year ago told us they know of the problem and there working on it……dam how slow can you get.It use to go off once or twice a day now its like every 15 mins.if it keeps up we will move to a dish can’t be any worst then this crap….and the price keeps going up and up….

  12. Horrible Billing
    rebecka miller

    Worst cable service I have ever had. I will NEVER be going with them again. If it was just bad customer handling but good cable service I would survive but that is not the case here. The customer service over the phone is anything but helpful. The people are there for their hourly pay, not for how well they have helped you. I canceled my service I became so annoyed. THEN, TWO MONTHS LATER, I RECEIVE A CHECK AND A BILL FOR THE SAME AMOUNT AND THEY WANT ME TO BOTH CASH THE CHECK AND PAY THEM. So now I have to go to either the bank to cash this check or to the post office and pay to mail it back. Either way I am not dealing with this so they THREATEN me that I will now be in their collections files when I have not cashed their check and already ripped it up. This is a very unprofessional company and I would not recommend them to anyone with the simplest cable/internet needs. They have lost me as a customer. Someone who always payed their bill on time even when they kept raising the price without notice. Wow. I do not know how they have remained in business.

  13. Rick Levesque

    I have had Dish Network, DirecTv, and now Comcast. Actually, I have had Comcast for as long as I have had DirecTv, only now I have Comcast for both TV and Internet Service. I signed up for 230 channels, HBO, Encore, StreamPix, 105 Mbs Internet service (getting 125 Mbs). Two year contract for $99 per month. With extras charges, my bill is $105 per month. To get the best deal, I bought my own modem, TiVo Roamio Plus DVR and 3 TiVo Minis. The TiVo units have HD and lifetime subscriptions. Cost for equipment was $930. After two years, I’m sure my bill will increase, but for now I am paying $87 less per month than when I had both DirecTv TV and Comcast Internet. I am also getting faster Internet, HBO and Encore now. I did lose Fox Sports 2, MAV TV and DIY HD. So this is not an all win situation.
    As far as picture quality goes, I don’t notice a difference in the quality of the HD shows that I regularly watch. The stuff I watch on Xfinity On Demand does appear to be more compressed than the broadcast channels.
    Service with Comcast is pretty much hit-or-miss. I have had excellent CSRs who know how to program the Cable Card with the TiVo box and I have had those that couldn’t do more than schedule a tech.
    When I couldn’t get 105 Mbs initially from my Internet connection, a tech was sent to my home on a Sunday afternoon. Found out that my Gigabit Router could only pass 60Mbs between WAN and LAN. My equipment. My fault. No charge for the service call.
    So for now, I will need to say that Comcast is working for me here in California. I am concerned that there is no other way to get Broadband Internet at my home, but for today it isn’t the end of the world.

  14. Shanna

    THE WORST IN THE US!!! The bills are way too high and the service is no good. Besides that it is near impossible to speak to anyone; They had a representative sign me up for a service for international call then they turn around telling me I was given incorrect information and the person would be reprimanded. Even so they STILL wanted me to pay the bill when this was their mistake. They customer service I received was terrible and no one was helpful. You are better off getting service from another provider.

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