Charter Communications is an US based cable provider. Based on revenues Charter is the Third largest cable provider in the United States.

Charter offers High Speed Internet, Cable Television, and Digital Phone services.

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Consumer Reviews for Charter.

  1. No Alternatives
    Ramona Gonzales

    Unfortunately, there is no other Cable company available in my area (Pasadena)and I am stuck with crappy Charter. I’ve been told the wiring in my condo complex is old and degraded, but no one can replace it; of course, I learned this after I sined up for a 2-yr deal with Charter and there will be hell to pay if I opt to cancel their service before the 2-yrs is up. I experience “tiling” on most channels and even freezing of the TV on a random and daily basis. Charter Cable does not care and trying to get customer service is a huge joke.

    I am waiting to hear from ATT U-verse – if it is available in my area, I will cancel Charter (and fight them on the 2-yr issue) just so that I can get some decent service!

  2. 21st Century?
    Mark Kane

    I don’t know how the service is from Charter in areas where they have invested in their infrastructure to allow for High speed internet and HD TV but in areas where they only offer “standard cable” service that was the standard in the mid 70’s it is like they are holding all customers captive to non HD no internet avail systems that were state of the art back when polyester suits were cool.

    With no evident plans to upgrade their services they leave some rural areas hanging with no real access to high speed internet…Thanks to Verizon 4G in my area at least now I can move into the 21st century…THANKS CHARTER for all YOUR CUSTOMER CARE 🙁

  3. Yuck
    An Angry Customer

    Charter is a really horrible company!! They have bad charges on my bill. They charged me 25 bucks for a rejection fee. they don’t know why it was rejected but they charged it to me anyways. i wanted to speak to the manager, but they didn’t even have a phone number. i had no way to contact with the manager to solve my problems with my bill. we had ATT before, and they were alot better. we never had any problems with payments. charter’s website sucks. we cannot see the details of our bill online and we do not know what we are paying for. overall, charter is just a bad company.

  4. Giftcard Scam

    I had the same experience as all the people above. When I signed up in March, the Verizon website offered a choice of either a digital camera (value: $250) or a $200 Circuit City giftcard with a 2 year Triple Play contract. The CSR told me I couldn’t choose my gift at that time because I would get a card in the mail after a few weeks to elect my promotion.By May, I still hadn’t received anything in the mail, so I called to ask about my promotion. I was told I had to sign some consent/agreement form on their website and then I would receive a confirmation email and the thing would come in the mail after 4-6 weeks.Well I did all that and still hadn’t heard anything (email or otherwise) so I called AGAIN. This time the CSR told me I was indeed eligible for a $100 gift card. I said surely this must be wrong, I was promised a $200 giftcard when I signed up. After a bit more waiting, the CSR agreed with me that it should be a $200 giftcard. Again, I would receive an email in 1-2 days and the giftcard would be in the mail in 4-6 weeks.After waiting and waiting nothing ever showed up (giftcard or email), and by now I was tired of calling them every month. I finally called them again today (September 25), and the CSR told me there were no promotions, I had missed my chance, everything ended 6/30, I would get nothing, yada yada. I escalated the matter to a supervisor.The supervisor understood my situation very well and I believe really tried to help. Unfortunately, he denied that there was ever a $200 Circuit City giftcard offer ( I’m looking at the past promotions right now and we only had a $100 giftcard ). Nothing I said could convince him otherwise. He said there were other promotions 1) choice of $200 Best Buy giftcard or digital camcorder 2) choice of $100 Circuit City giftcard or digital camera 3) $200 American Express giftcard 4) choice of $50 giftcard somewhere and digital camcorder. Sadly since the promotion was not a part of the original order/contract (it’s something that comes in the mail later ), there is no documentation to support my argument. Finally he agreed to give me a $35 statement credit for the next 6 months (what others have gotten as well).Well, I got on the computer to do a search for any evidence of this mythical $200 Circuit City giftcard because I was SURE I hadn’t misremembered, and that’s how I found this site.I was quite disgusted, though not altogether surprised, that this has happened to so many ppoele. It is quite clear Verizon botched this up in a colossal way and is giving ppoele the shaft. I’m sure lots of ppoele out there have been convinced by Verizon’s CSRs that they misremembered the promotion or missed their chance to redeem their giftcard. I’m glad you’re on top of this issue and standing for what’s right.I’ll also post this to your new entry if that’s okay.

  5. Choose Charter

    I just signed up for the charter bundle and so far, I love it. It seems to be a lot more reliable than when I had it 3 or four years ago. I had problems with the internet going down and connection problems then. But now it seems to work great. I got the bundle mainly because I will be working from home, as I have a home based business. Otherwise I probably would not have got the bundle. No problems yet, speed is fast, no connection problems. I like everyone else, do agree that the price is a little high, but charter is the most reliable company close to where I live, so that’s why I went with Charter.

  6. Michelle Glass

    I was promised a voucher for a $300 gift card of my choice after paying my first Charter bill and it has been 3 weeks since I paid the first bill. The csr at Charter told me the voucher would come by postal mail but the sales rep that came to my home said it would come by email. I’ve received neither and I’ve even checked the spam box for email account. No one is giving me answers.

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