Cable Vision provides Internet, Home Phone, and Television service to subscribers in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut areas. Based on subscriber rates they are ranked 5th in the United States. They are also known under the “Optimum Online” name.

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Consumer Reviews for Cablevision.

  1. Moving to Fios
    larry k

    Constantly have problems with tv portion of triple play (as well as slow internet). Customer service people are very polite, constntly saying they are sorry, but that doesn’t compensate for no tv service. In March I wrote a letter to the President of Cablevision and he gave me a months credit…$150. But that was for problems in March. Now it’s May and here we go again. How many times need I stay home to wait for a technician? The answer is “not any more!” I’m switching to FIOS.

  2. Dishonest Pricing
    James Dolan

    Cablevision pricing is a jumble of deceptive charges. They quote HD TV at $58.95. But then you find out that that does not include an HD box @ $6.95 without which there is no reception. Then they drop another $11.95 on you because you MUST order a HD package, the cheapest of which is $11.95. . . Total? $72 bucks just for the basic “Family Pack”.
    If you don’t “Rent” the $7 box you get approximately the same few channels as their $12.95 “Broadcast” package (which they do not tell you is available).
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  3. I've Had a Great Experience
    David G.

    It’s sad to see that the only people reviewing the Optimum Triple Play, or just Cablevision in general are the people that have problems with it. Not once in the past 7 years have we ever had a problem with my Internet or TV, aside from power lines going down, which only has happened once or twice over that time, and we have 7 cable boxes and 10 internet lines in my house that get constant use on a daily basis. As for the phone, the only time it doesn’t work is when our dog chews the phone line, which cant be blamed on Cablevision. It is definitely the best broadband internet around and the TV has all the channels anybody would watch, I mean really who actually watches more than 150 channels anyway, yea you might get more channels with FIOS but who cares there unwatched usually anyway. Plus if you’re a person who doesn’t like there support or doesn’t like waiting around for technicians, here is a tip Verizon is worse by a lot, I know this because i put up with there crap for 5 years before switching, maybe they have gotten better over the last decade, i don’t know, but I remember times that i would not have internet for days because of them and it happened multiple times with them, Cablevision is #1 in my book. Feel free to differ with me, its you’re money and you may have different situations based on you’re location, I am just offering my experience with both companies since the other reviews seemed a bit biased.

  4. A Prisioner

    Over the past few months I’ve had to call Cablevision several times because my cable/on demand wasn’t working.This past month I had a tech come here and switch my dvr box and fix my other box. A week later I had an issue and sat on the phone with them for an hour as they rebooted my box. Then the next week there was the same issue again! I hate them I hate them I hate them! And it’s so sad because i’m a prisoner to them. My zip doesn’t offer any other cable companies and I could cry!

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