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AT&T Uverse Reviews

A-T&T Uverse is a VDSL (Very High Bitrate DSL) service which delivers high speed internet, phone, and TV service to its subscribers.

Uverse uses IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to relieved both standard definition and high definition television service.

At&t Uverse Internet offers users connection speeds of up to 18Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload. These speeds are much faster than what is available through traditional DSL.

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Consumer reviews of AT&T Uverse

  1. theo says:

    My uverse service has not frozen and I am very happy. We do not experience any echo or delay our phone service. The HD picture is superb. The service comes through your existing cable wire which the technician will change when he does the install. They even used an adapter to make my power outlets hardwires for internet access. In addition all of the set top receivers have ethernet connectivity and they emit a wifi signal making your entire home wireless. So you don’t have to use hardwires.

  2. Ivan says:

    ATT UVERSE SERVICE SUCKS! I’ve had had this for about a month and its horrible. the service freezes at all the times of day. it freezes during my recorded shows, during live Pay Per View events, i mean, common, why would someone shell out 40-50 bucks for a PPV event if the signal will freeze over and over right!? well i found out the hard-way (UFC112 27Mar10)…sure if you call Tech Supp they can refund you for the event, but will they refund you for your monthly recurring charge? HELL NO! stay away from this service, don’t subscribe to something that freezes over and over. tech support is not equipped to resolve issues and their overall solution for everything is to reset the home modem (which doesn’t resolve anything!). I’ve has technicians come over to my house and shown them the problem and they don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it.

    also if you have or get a bundle and ATT UVERSE TV services freeze, all your services will be disrupted. meaning if the TV connection freezes, your internet and phone connections will go down as well. Freezing times last anywhere from 5-15 minutes. and NO just cause you have a DVR it doesn’t mean that once the freeze is over you can rewind and catch up on what you just missed!

  3. denise says:

    they came over to hook up my service 15 min b4 the time was up. i tried for over an hour on chat and phone to locate the tech they have horrible phone service!!!!their customer service is sooooooooooooo frustrating!!!! i couldnt even handle the first calls to set up the service in the house! its that bad :o( then they were here all day never found a signal …..i have no idea what the tech was doing bc he was here from 9 am till 12 and i still never got a single box in the house…no new wiring. he ruined my cox wiring and disconnected my two main tvs went to lunch and never came back. when i called customer service they said the would have someone back out at 4 and nobody ever showed. its the weekend and they left me with no tvs and i honestly dont even have the patience to call their customer service to have them fix what they broke bc it will take at least 45 min grrrrrrrrr!!!! dont do it!!!!!


    I signed up for AT&T U-verse. I am very dispointed . two months later, i decided to cancel the service. They offered free hbo for three months I told them I would not buy it. They insisted to take it and try it. I did. then I get a bill for an additional $15.00 a month. when I asked, I was told that I had upgraded the service.
    Well I did not.
    To talk to someone takes forever and you get someone in a foreign country to reads from an scripted report. I asked to talk to a supervisor, i was told a supervisor will tell me exactly the same thing.
    I wasted hours trying to get the account straight.
    I got bounce around everyone and no one seems to know what they were doing.
    To discontinue the service took over one hour and when I toid them that the cables going into the house were handing, i was told that since I discontginued the service, they could not help.
    It is a hazard to have those cables hanging.
    Again another hour and a half on the telephone trying to get aproval for someon at AT&T to come out.
    Very expensive service and not customer service. you waste time and time trying to press 1, 2, 3 and then when you get someone they transfer to somewhere else and you start all over.
    i am very dispointed. it costg me a lot of money to use their service.

  5. Elias says:

    Personally I wouldn’t use U-Verse for my television service. As a DISH customer and employee I use one of their dual-DVR receivers, which is free on my account. With U-Verse you need two separate boxes to control two separate TV’s, plus U-Verse will charge for the second box! Also, if HD is your thing DISH has the most HD channels in the industry, which you can get for free. With U-Verse, they charge for HD.

  6. Haley says:

    NEVER go with ATT, and I mean for anything. I have Uverse and DSL. While in the 10 months I’ve had it, I’ve had to have repairs at least twice, and god forbid you have to call to report a technical problem. I’ve been on hold for 2+ hours just trying to file a service request. I’ve been on hold for over 3 hours just trying to tell them I’m moving and I need to transfer service. It’s easy to get lured in by the introductory rates, but they really hit you with the full price after 6 months. I was paying $90 a month for 12 speed internet and over 200 channels. I was so happy, especially since the guy who signed me up said all I had to do was call back at the end of the introductory rate and “renegotiate” my price back to $90. After six months, I was given a bill for $140. When I called, they said there was nothing they could do about the price. When I decided to cancel, the best offer they could give me was $30 off my total bill for 6 months and one free HD channel, but they took away over 100 of my channels and my TiVo. I will admit, the DSL has been great; it has never given me any serious problems and has remained fast throughout the time I’ve had it; however, it’s not worth the unreliable Uverse service and absolutely atrocious customer service.

  7. Case says:

    I have att uverse twice, I travel alot so when in Texas I heard they were good. Wrong, when I moved back home they have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I usually dont write reviews like this but they have given me the biggest run around ever. I need to wait for a confirmation email so I can transfer the service to someone else, I have been waiting for two weeks and still nothing, all they say they can do is resubmit the request…STUPID!!! And they charged me a 75 dollar fee for a tech to come out and fix something that I had no control over. This is the worst company to get anything done, they pretty much just worry about the bill you owe and surveys. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY

  8. dovie lucas says:

    If you like having access to DSL do not let at&t talk you into getting thier u verse!
    We have had cell phone, home phone, and DSL internet with at&t for about 7 years.We were happy with it no major problem, not too much money. They told us we were could get home phone service, internet, and uverse for $88.00 a month.They told us that we would be billed for a month and a half on the first bill ($132.00)They showed up 3 hours later then they said they would be here to install it.The sales rep and the tech said that we could cancel and go back to the way we had it any time we wanted. When we recieved our first bill it was $360.00. After 3 hours of trying to get them to just turn off the u verse and have their tech come back and put things the way he found them, we hang up the phone with no tv and no internet. After being told by 2 people before the fact the we could go back to what we had, we are told that because (and only because) we decided to try out their new u verse bull cocky we are told by 3 different people (who known were or would get a supervsor) that DSL was no longer avaiable to us.

  9. Debbie says:

    I have had Uverse for almost 3 weeks and I have an appointment to switch back to my previous carrier next week. I can’t wait! In these past 3 weeks I have been on the phone with AT&T for about 6 hours, that is when I actually have had phone service, then I had to use my At&T cell phone (which I love)which ate up minutes because they put you into terminal hold! I have scheduled appointment 3 times for a technician to come out and 3 times no one has arrived at all! One of the appointments was due to the fact that I had no services at all. I waited for 3 hours with no services and no one showed up. I have had 2 DVR’s and neither one has worked. The installer left a mess all over my house leaving me to clean up the mess. He had to come back to finish the installation because he didn’t have time to finish. I was told not to cancel my original carrier in case I don’t like Uverse, that At&T will come back and put everything back the way it was. I’m not taking a chance, I didn’t cancel my carrier and I am paying $30.00 to have my previous carrier put everything back the way it was. Having AT&T has been a full time job trying to get the service that was promised. I was not unhappy at all with my previous carrier but the sales rep promised the sun, and the moon at a lesser price. I will gladly pay the extra $40.00 a month NOT to have this aggravation! I feel that if I have to call AT&T one more time my ears will start to Bleed! The last phone call I make to them will be to shut this damn thing off, come and get their crap out of my house and DON’T expect to get one red cent out of me! Buyer BEWARE of Uverse.

  10. Stephanie says:

    WE’ve had U-verse for about 3 months. The internet and phone work fine, but the cable service is awful. We lose our signal all the time, and it blinks in and out frequently too. Getting a live person to help is near impossible. All the directions on the TV just refer you to the website. I’m sorry we switched from Cox, although we got some cash incentives to do so, which came in handy at the time. I”m locked into a 1-year contract with Uverse, but after a year, I think I will look elsewhere.

  11. Amy says:

    If you have DSL stick with it do not change to UVERSE.. The above are right there customer service SUCKS I have been without internet for one week and one day and Im a business my business sales haves suffered b/c of their KRAPPY techs and KRAPPY sales people and better yet the KRAPPY folks you have do deal with !

  12. Joel says:

    This was the most exhausting experience I’ve encountered in a very long time. at&t must take pains to find and hire people that can not be understood (no matter how hard I listen) and place them in the UVERS CANCELLATION component of their business.

    I’ve tried for over a week to cancel my service and EVERY SINGLE TIME I seem to get individuals and process exactly like the PEGGY on the credit card commercials.

    at&t you have lost my business for good, cellular, television and land line. You are the worst!

  13. sindy says:

    My favorite Chanel was the Hallmark Chanel, they no longer offer that Channel. I am thinking about switching. I don’t understand how they can not have that Chanel. Also they have all these fluff channels with no substance such as the tv mall and the atten channels, those are a waste of space. And I don’t need another channel trying to sell me something.

  14. TheFeds says:

    The customer is always right, wrong…

    If you like being treated like a second class citizen/ customer, ATT is the provider for you.

    If you only desire to speak to automated telephone support, ATT is the provider for you.

    If you enjoy the inablility to settle any sort of dispute whatsoever, ATT is the provider for you.

    If you’re enamored by offensive and threatening business letters, ATT is the provider for you.

    God forbid you should decide to upgrade your services with them because they’ll continue charging you for both the old services and new ones.

    After 6 prision-like years of services (if you know what i mean), I’m sending it all back. Good riddance.

    ATT, this is my last act as a paying customer, and it’s only befitting that I let everyone know how wonderful you are!


    Hope ATT fires you Dimitrious from Sales, Service and Billing (phone click)

  15. John says:

    I switched from Comcast to UVerse 2 months ago. in this short period of time, I’ve had to “reset” my modem at least 2 times a day! That includes unplugging the power as well as the Cat 3 & Cat 5 wiring. There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to access the “net” when you absolutely need it! I never once in 3 years had my internet access go down with Comcast!!
    Yes their bundled service cost about $80 more a month, but if you have to go to “Pete’s Coffee” to get on the net, you’ll spend that much in Latte’s! Customer service? There isn’t any! I waited 2 weeks to get a so called technician for a replacement modem only, only to wait around for 3 hours for his NO SHOW! I will be going back to Comcast shortly, keeping AT&T’s $200 Visa card, and telling them to pick up their crappy equipment from my driveway. Oh…. If they expect me to pay a single penny past the month’s service date, I’ll refer them to my personal “customer service” department. That would be my dog, which you might have an easier time dealing with and actually understanding than their morons in some third world call center!

  16. Mary says:

    I don’t think I’m a complainer but when service is bad as UVERSE, I think everyone should be aware of what they purchase. It all started when we called to state our issues we were having with our UVERSE, so we set our 1st service appointment on Saturday 12/3 btw 8~12pm. Did they show? NOPE. 1st missed appointment by UVERSE. So we called again and rescheduled for 12/4 Sunday btw 8~12pm, again did they show? NOPE. 2nd missed appointment. So we called again and rescheduled for 12/10 btw 4~9pm, again No Show. By this time, we are thinking what is going on. Where are they? So we called again to reschedule for the 11th btw 4~9pm, again missed. By this time, we were pissed and angry that they have missed so many appointments causing us to sit and wait around for them to show for 20 hours total. So, we called back on Monday and of course, they gave us some excuse why the technicians would missed scheduled appointments. After long wait and getting bounced around for some form of compensation, we finally got some discounts on our bill for the next 6 months. Of course, these discounts would take effect after our service call has been completed. So we reschedule for a another day on 12/13 btw 6~9pm. They’ve promised to show btw these hours because like everyone else, we WORK. So, we came home that day what did we find…a note stating that they were there at 4:15pm and that they had to leave since we were not home. So we called Customer Service and asked why were they dispatched so early. They told us that it was our fault for missing this service call and that all service calls are btw 4~9pm. This did not sit well with my husband, so like everyone else by now, my husband is yelling at the girl and ask to speak with someone who can help us (AGAIN). They told us that they can reschedule us to 12/14 at 8am which we refused. We ask that they dispatch immediately to someone to come back tonight. At this time it was 6:30pm. We ask to speak to a manager and was told that they will call us back. They did call us but to state that the manager is still busy. At 8pm, still no call. We called Customer Service and they told us that we were schedule for 12/14 btw 8~12pm, the one we refused. We asked to speak with the same Rep that we talk to but of course, they were not located in the same call center. We than had to reexplain our situation (again and again everytime we speak with a different person)and that Rep told us that he personally promised to call us himself when its been dispatched to the technecian. My husband asked where he was located, he told us he was in Southeast ASIA. I don’t think we will be receiving a call from him and told him as much. After getting bounced around, we spoke with a manager name Michelle who guarenteed to call us after our order has been dispatch on our next appointment scheduled for 12/17 btw 4~9pm. Guess what? No call. So to make sure it was dispatched, we called at 4pm and they told us that they will be at our house btw 5~6pm. 6pm? still no Show. We called again at 8pm, what did they tell us…that we will need to reschdule. My husband was beyond upset and mad. He calmly told them that next phone call he’ll make is to call to cancel and he hung up. We are going back to Direct TV where we never had any issues with SERVICE. UVERSE is beyond bad service. BAD BAD BAD.

  17. Lily says:

    I am a ATT High Speed Internet customer and am not, nor have I ever been a ATT Uverse customer. And yet, they are sending me bills that I dont owe and sending me to collection agency’s. I have been calling them since June trying to resolve the issue and getting nowhere. They say they cant find my account. Of course not, it doesnt exist because I am not a customer. They mailed me a box I never ordered, and I mailed it right back. They send me bills for that box even though it was returned. I called them and was told that as long as they get the box back before 1 month that I wouldnt have to pay anything. I send the box back the same say I got it, with confirmation so I know they got it and they are still acting like idiots and sending me bills and sending me to collection agencys. The first collection agency closed my case because I mailed them the proof that I had and now I am dealing with another agency. ATT Uverse is not communicating with me or the collection agency’s. I mailed them the delivery confirmation twice registered mail, and I have the confirmation and have told them that number 100′s of times over the phone and they are still saying they never got it. I asked them for their fax number since they keep losing my mail and after a lenghty interview on why and what I am sending, they gave me the wrong number THREE times and they claim that they dont have a fax number. Every legit company has a fax machine, and every department has a fax number. Dont trust this company. They are a SCAM. I have send all my information to the second collection agency and have been told, again that I dont need to pay them anything.

  18. Eileen Lento says:

    I have been a Dish customer since its inception. My bill with Dish kept going higher and higher. I only had the HBO movie channel. My phone only had local service as I had a calling card for long distance service. I now have the 450 package with a phone and Internet with Uverse and I am paying less than I was with Dish for far fewer programs on my T.V., faster Internet, and a phone with long distance. I did not want to leave Dish even though I was very dissatisfied with them. I was afraid to have to relearn a whole new system again. Well, I finally gave in an got Uverse….and I JUST LOVE IT. It was so simple to learn. The customer service people were so nice to me and so patient with me. I have NEVER been without service. My recorded programs had a problem, and the man came right out the next day, and promptly fixed it. If I had a problem they would just lead me by the hand until it was right. They would never let me go until I told them I was completely satisified and that the problem was solved. I would highly recommend Uverse to anyone.

  19. Murali Boddeti says:

    Worse customer support. Many billing errors need to correct multiple times, finally gave up. Lost some money. Worse online account access. Ok internet connection. The only thing I liked about ATT Uverse is good wireless modem. Resting in my home doing nothing now. Unless I have no choice I will not order ATT uverse next time.

  20. Angry Customer says:

    The main problem I see with Uverse is its inability to provide reliable service. I simply don’t know where to begin between the audio cutting out because of an HDMI issue with their set-top boxes that AT&T REFUSES to correct, as they have flat out stated; the constant loss of television signal, or the failings of DVR recordings to record properly. All of these are unacceptable, and AT&T offers no real support or real solutions. No one should use Uverse if they enjoy the things cable TV or satellite has to offer. It just doesn’t work, and they don’t care.

  21. Chris a says:

    I have had uverse now since sept 2011. Every day since then our tv, internet and phone go out at least twice a day. I have had service people out at the house constantly. I have never received such bad service with any other company before. I do not recommend anyone in their right mind to get uverse or to switch to it. I can not believe they are still in business with so many problems.

  22. Julio says:

    U-verse means horrible customer services, they lack of competence and professionalism, I have been calling several times (almost 20) to customer service since 15 days, and the problem have not been solved yet; twice my phone line had been cut off without any reason; I already have installed u-verse u-450 and the “morons” sent me again the same equipments that I already have installed, every time that I contact them, the customer representative tells me a different history ……, etc; the TV and DVR are even better than dish network. the DSL is good too; if u-verse would have different customer services this company will be one of the best.

  23. Linda Durec says:

    I can’t tell you how many hours I have into trying to get new service corrected. The first technician was at my home for hours. We’ve had problems with the system from the beginning and are now on day 4 of it still not working correctly. I have spent so many hours, at least 7, holding and holding on the phone. It is so frustrating. The problem is with the outside line and the equipment inside, and you have to reboot their box and wait for service over and over again. You lose the signal right in the middle of working online and everything goes down. In addition, the box was put in the basement of a two story home, and the signal is too weak in the office upstairs to get online. Horrible experience!

  24. Gary says:

    I switched ATT DSL to Uverse in February 2012. I wished I would have done some homework before I committed to the switch because I am experiencing the same problems that have been reported all over regarding dropped connection issues. It’s only been 1 month and I am looking to switch over to cable. My internet connection drops out about 4-5 times a day, and the only solution is to reset the gateway and the router. It’s so annoying. Luckily I don’t have Uverse phone or TV. Take heed of all the complaints and stay away from Uverse, ATT does not have the system working reliably yet.

  25. Atlantaguy says:

    I use the U-verse DSL service and when it works, it works great, but when it doesn’t they don’t have a clue how to fix it.

    I get an average of 22.5 download and 2.85 upload – good. But this is on my “wired” computer that’s connected to the U-verse modem. My wireless service lately started shooting way up and down rapidly. In a matter of minutes, you can go from a download speed of 18.5 to literally 0.20, then up to 6.5, back down to 1.2, up to 12.5… you get the idea. Techs have been to my house several times and have swapped modems 10 times, knowing this isn’t it. Nothing in my house is interfering with the signal they concluded, and yet they claim they have never, ever, seen anything like this before – but will still send another tech out the next day, only to repeat the exact same steps as the techs that came before him.

    Most likely next week I’ll be calling around to find another provider. When you pay for the top speed, it’s not worth it if half the service (wireless) doesn’t even work well enough to do most things on, more than half the time. And the monthly fee isn’t worth knowing that their techs have NO clue how to fix an issue when it does come up. Steer away from this one if you’re looking around.

  26. Stephen says:

    AT&T Uverse is horrible! first, the technician who installed it did not know what she was doing. After 7 hours she could only make part of the set up in my office work. she left defeated. I spent the next day figuring out the problem. what was it? the phone line needed a double filter! Once I installed that things worked – kind of. Approximately every two days, sometimes more frequently, I come in the office and find there is terrible static on the line. while e-mail works, via Outlook,the web brower is down – again. AT&T diagnostic page is displayed. I must call AT&T tech support, weeding through 10 minutes of automated system before I can reach a real person, who then walks me through the “fix” of the day. They tell me, “confidentially”, that my problem is very common. They add that they have no clue why e-mail through Outlook should be working while the web is down. In addition to all these problems, the promise of “double speed” is completely false. I have found no improvement in speed – only broken down systems and broken down problems. If you already have a high speed dsl connection, stick with it. DO NOT SWITCH TO U-VERSE unless you have hours and hours to waste and your stomach can handle extra acid from being upset with it all the time!

  27. Janet says:

    We are going back to satellite tv after having u-verse for 4 months. Our tv, phone, and internet go down for 3-4 hours every day. We have had three technicians out and three different modems and the problem just gets worse. We were due a $30 credit when we switched over and never got it. I called and got the run around. First, I was told the check had been sent and cashed. I asked that a copy of the check be sent to me since I never got it and certainly didn’t cash it. Three weeks later I was told the check had never been sent but was “in the mail.” I spent an hour on the phone today with customer no-service. Very frustrating! Would not wish u-verse on my worst enemy.

  28. Pam says:

    AT&T Uverse is terrible. I have the bundle package. My phone service is terrible, I drop phone calls all the time. This morning 4 drop calls. I also get cut off from the internet which is slower than Infinity for the same price. Constantly losing our TV. It is just awful. My contract is up in October and I can not wait!
    I also need to mention that I have a defibrillator so if anyone has heart problems do not get this service. If you need to dial 911 you just may not be able to.

  29. Carole says:

    I have had uversesupport over a year and have had no problems but today my phone stopped working then later in the day the tv quit. I started calling on my Verizon cell phone and waited40 minutes and no one picked up for tech support. I started again tonight to try to resolve my issues and again no one picked up for support. I finally reached a girl who said that all service was down in southeast and west and did not know when it would be back. She said they had introduced a better service and were having problems. I advised that it worked well before and they should have left it alone. She offered me $20 for my pain. I told her she has shut me down on Internet, tv and landline. I believe I will talk to Verizon abouth their landline as it is only $20 per month and I will go to Comcast for the rest . I like uversesupport buy it is way too expensive and when I try to cancel parts of it they increase the cost of the rest so it stays the same high price. AT&T needs to hire more techs as it is not acceptable to be unable to get through!!

  30. Heytonz says:

    I am soo pissed with ATT Uverse. The RUN AROUND you get from this company is absolutely incredilbe. Their Specialists dont have any knowledge of working the system, Supervisors cant make decisions, Managers dont want to help you and just give you back to a “Qualified Specialist”

    Back in Aug of 2010 I moved to a new townhouse. My services was cut prematurely and over a span of 3 months and several attempts to give me service at my new address was all batched up. They sent the technician to my old address to restore services after I had moved out and thereafter connected non ATT persons in my new complex area. On dec 20,2010 I cancelled sevices and went with COMCAST.
    I spoke to ATT Final Accounts, compained about not having intranet, phone or cable for 3+ months and was supposed to be credited to my account and pretty much washed clean.
    Now in Dec 2012 I got a notice from IC Systems a collection agency from ATT Uverse who is now trying to collect some $378.11 from me from a “unpaid bill” of $241.00 that was supposed to be credited back to me.
    Since Dec 2012 to the end of Jan 2013. Ive been going back and forth speaking to managers, supervisors, account specialists and to no affect all attempts for them to “credit my account” has failed. They were to credit my account and each time that never happend. They claimed that it was an old account and had to be approved by another dept. ( Although I was speaking with a manager).
    I am currently seeping legal consultation vs ATT Uverse for both this 2+ year run around and may consider to go after the collection agency for its continued calls.

    Neither ATT or the collection agency will talk physically with each other. On a few times ive tried to have them call each other to explain what is going on and that it was resolved. ATT wont call the collection agency…. and the collection agency wont call ATT.
    Im so much happier with COMCAST!!!

  31. Crystal says:

    I am soo Angry with ATT Uverse. The RUN AROUND you get when you call from so many reps is amazing. Short story… I have been a dedicated customer with ATT since 2003…. When they announced having uverse I was excited and wanted to try it out since I have never had an issue with ATT as my cell phone and Internet Carrier. (keep in mind that this company is alot higher in princes compaired to other service providers but I really like them) I continued to contact Uverse reps to see if there was any plan with deals available for returning customers and they continued to state that there was only deals for new customers. I was a little upset considering I was a customer as well but continued asking for about 3 months until I decided to change service providers. ( I continue to have ATT as cell phone)I contacted them to see when and where to return equiptment and of course there trying to give me lots of deals. I explained to them that for three months I was trying to change my plan and they said they were sorry. I went a head and turned in the equiptment. The run around for changing the equiptment was a joke as well. I canceled service in November 2012. (I had a combined account with all services while I had Uverse)In January 2013 I received a call from a collection agency. I wrote down the collection rep number and called ATT Uverse to discuss this matter. I must have been on the phone a little over 3 hours between several different reps(the reps were not the problem) they continued to tell me that on there end I don’t owe any late balance. Uverse stated it was wireless department as of course wireless stated after contacting the collection agency via three way that it was clearly uverse. Uverse then made the same call and found out that it was uverse and stated I didnt owe any money and that it was a mistake. The agency stated that a manager must contact them. I hung up believing that the situation was taking care of. Two days later I received the same call from the collection agency. I contacted Uverse again and spoke to another woman who did everything she could to figure out the problem and after several hours again she stated I don’t own anything. She brought in her Supervisor (he stated his name was JAMES – JAZ96Q) I heard the rep tell him that I have paid all my bills including the wireless. She stated that she owes nothing. He got on and stated he saw that I paid but it still says I owe so I needed to pay again…. ( Very Rude and worse customer service ever) I was calm as can be stated I been on the phone for hours…. Several reps state I don’t owe he said I did because the collection agency stated I did. He stated he knows what I am saying but I still need to pay because what happend was he stated the uverse paid wireless since it use to be a combined account and some how I paid too so I owe them… I was like if that was the case I would have a credit. He like just pay or it will be on your credit. Very short and rude. I paid the amount to get it off of collection and he stated that I wont get refunded. I said if the bill is paid twice then its only right. He laughed and said go ahead and try. I asked to speak to his supervisor he stated NO. My supervisor don’t care about issues like this. (Really hope the call was recorded)I paid and received a confirmation number. I said have a nice day and hung up. ( still upset, I just let it go.) I let the weekend go by and I called the wireless department today 3/13/2013. I explained the situation to the rep and she stated that she has heard several situations as mine with uverse and will talk to her manager to see what they could do… I was refunded the total amount of 224.80 that Uverse’s uneducated supervisor with the bad customer service took from me after stating he seen that I paid it before but still needed to clear his system so I had to pay again. I was fearious and being a dedicated customer to ATT I felt that I was treated wrong. (the reps were great, supervisor should be fired)I am going to continue to stay with ATT WIRELESS department. (thanks to the rep Wendy Chapman) Att should really think about replacing James as the Supervisor for Wendy. This rep listen and showed concern rather then just try to end the call. If your going to be in a customer service position then they should learn the meaning of customer service.

  32. johnny gonzales says:

    I regret getting my services with AT& T. THEY SUCK!!!! I should have gotten my service with Verizon. I live in Dodge City, ks and I’ve been with AT & T for 8 months and every time I’m watcthing something on youtube it freezes and when I’m on the internet it takes a longtime to get to the site. When my contract is finished I’m switcthing to Verizon. I recommend noone get AT& T.

  33. sal calafiore says:

    We have been having issues with ATT Uverse for almost a year! They keep providing us a credit almost every month, what good is a credit when you have no service to begin with. Problems we are having are, TV freezzes up, We loose telephone service and internet! After ten minutes it all comes back for aprox five minutes and the whole process starts all over again. In the past three months they have sent 2 techs and a master tech! I would not recomens ATT service to anyone out there! Sorry but they just cant provide the proper service needed.

  34. James Arena says:

    We have had att uverse for about 5 months and out of that 5 months we have been without service for over half the time we have had it installed. Over the last month we have had several techs out here to try to resolve the problem and after we thought it was all fixed correctly someone else came out to bury the new line and then we lost service again, after calling customer service they tell us that they can get someone out here tomorrow instead of calling the guys back that buried the line. I am self employed and do my business on the Internet and because of all this BS I am losing money and all ATt can say is we will give you some credit on your bill. We are seriously thinking about switching carriers because of all this, they can’t seem to get the job done and take priority when they are the ones that screwed up! It’s disgusting and the service just plain sucks.

  35. Russell says:

    Changing to the cheaper ATT uverse phone and DSL service was a mistake. I want to change to a better service after I find such a service that has really good reviews. I have tried, and been patient with ATT, had the modem replaced once, but it seems that the ATT uverse service will never work as I espected that it should.

    We had Att for years but wife got a promotion where Att was stopped but new wervice did not have dsl. So back to ATT, but could not use the original service. We had to go with the new ATT with the 3800 HGV-b dsl modem and telephone service. It worked but not as well as the older 2-wire ATT system. Then the modem died and was replaced. Not indernet loads slowly, and constantly freezes. Altough modem lights are on it is really off and can be turned on by unpluging the Belkin battery love voltate to the modem and waiting for the modem to load up again. The email software is terrible with curser jump[ing all over the email pages such that outgoing emails are full of mistakes, because corrections are not where the curser was placed to make the correct the mistakes. The ATT guys are so stupid they will come out and not even try to enter the yard, but report locked gate.

    Basically the ATT system will load up slowly, and internet freezes up. I never had such trouble with comcast. I changed to ATT because it was cheaper than Comcast, but now I feel that was a misstake.

  36. Lisa W says:

    When we moved from AL to GA, ATT said it was EASY to move your service. NOT THE SITUATION. I had to mail back equipment that was out of date when the tech installed new equipment. Which in the big picture of things should not be a HUGE deal. However, after being charged for equipment I shipped back over 30 days ago, it has been downhill ever since. It took 4 hours on my cell phone when all our home service (internet, land line, and TV) were disconnected. When I phoned to see what the problem was, I was instructed by 2 reps that I should have called ATT with the tracking number. I was told “someone” would have to track the equipment down in the warehouse. Oh I am sorry, whoever has to do a job.

    I re-read the directions to the each rep on the documents I received which stated the procedure for returning the equipment. Neither rep could tell me where in the directions it told me to call ATT with the tracking number.

    Then I was made to pay and received a credit if I wanted my service to be reactivated. Now 2 months later, I receive $90.00 worth of reactivation charges for internet, phone, and UVerse!!! I feel like I have molested by ATT!!

    When you review our payment history, NEVER NEVER NEVER have we been late. That is 4 years of payments on time!!

    ASAP we will discontinue service and move on. Just BEWARE!! And the connection isn’t that great.

  37. Manuel says:

    Wow what a bunch of haters & cry baby’s.. I’ve had the u-verse service for over 2.5 years. It’s a great product and yes it’s a bit on the pricey side. Try to get the promotions and that will save you money.. Tv & internent work great as i have the U450 & 24mb internet speed. Picture quality is great, better than Dish Network. The HD justs pops out at you. Picture & Sound is great….it could be that i am using ” Monster Cable Products” from the dvr to my tv & surround sound 5.1 sony systems. Yes also a Monster Cable HDMI Cable. Hence what you put into it is what you get out of it. Also no lag time when you switch channels, as you get that when you have Satellite TV. Yes from time to time my u-verse has had it’s share of hick-ups. But that will happen with any provider, electronics are subject to failure. In closing AT&T has a great product and i am happy to have it.. I guess it all depends on the install & if you are close to a ” AT&T VRAD ” distribution point. In closing—> Excellent TV & Internet <— Also i live In The City Of Carson…so if that makes a difference why i have great service, well who knows ?? Also it helps to tweek out the max signal & get the best cables that you can get…Also for my pc i use monster cable cat6 internet cable…digital's also used from my router/gateway to the DVR VIP2250 …. I wish the rest of you a great TV Viewing & Internet Expierence… Hey take u-verse for a test drive. I did and i did not look back…..

  38. Manuel says:

    Have fun and enjoy it…. Hey AT&T try to get THE NFL SUNDAY TICKET…. The contract is up for renewal next year…. It could really be a big MONEY MAKER….

  39. Cheyrl Shebly says:

    AT& T has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my 49 years.
    THE Worst
    Do not recommend using them for anything.
    AT&T Services they provide are awful
    The prices are rediculous
    and the customer service, should you decide to wait the hour and a half to speak to someone they still can’t help.

    A soon to be X-customer

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