A-T&T Uverse is a VDSL (Very High Bitrate DSL) service which delivers high speed internet, phone, and TV service to its subscribers.

Uverse uses IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to relieved both standard definition and high definition television service.

At&t Uverse Internet offers users connection speeds of up to 18Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload. These speeds are much faster than what is available through traditional DSL.

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Consumer Reviews for AT&T TV + Internet.

  1. Happy Customer

    My uverse service has not frozen and I am very happy. We do not experience any echo or delay our phone service. The HD picture is superb. The service comes through your existing cable wire which the technician will change when he does the install. They even used an adapter to make my power outlets hardwires for internet access. In addition all of the set top receivers have ethernet connectivity and they emit a wifi signal making your entire home wireless. So you don’t have to use hardwires.

  2. Not Impressed

    WE’ve had U-verse for about 3 months. The internet and phone work fine, but the cable service is awful. We lose our signal all the time, and it blinks in and out frequently too. Getting a live person to help is near impossible. All the directions on the TV just refer you to the website. I’m sorry we switched from Cox, although we got some cash incentives to do so, which came in handy at the time. I”m locked into a 1-year contract with Uverse, but after a year, I think I will look elsewhere.

  3. Avoid

    This was the most exhausting experience I’ve encountered in a very long time. at&t must take pains to find and hire people that can not be understood (no matter how hard I listen) and place them in the UVERS CANCELLATION component of their business.

    I’ve tried for over a week to cancel my service and EVERY SINGLE TIME I seem to get individuals and process exactly like the PEGGY on the credit card commercials.

    at&t you have lost my business for good, cellular, television and land line. You are the worst!

  4. No Hallmark Channel!

    My favorite Chanel was the Hallmark Chanel, they no longer offer that Channel. I am thinking about switching. I don’t understand how they can not have that Chanel. Also they have all these fluff channels with no substance such as the tv mall and the atten channels, those are a waste of space. And I don’t need another channel trying to sell me something.

  5. Beyond Bad

    I don’t think I’m a complainer but when service is bad as UVERSE, I think everyone should be aware of what they purchase. It all started when we called to state our issues we were having with our UVERSE, so we set our 1st service appointment on Saturday 12/3 btw 8~12pm. Did they show? NOPE. 1st missed appointment by UVERSE. So we called again and rescheduled for 12/4 Sunday btw 8~12pm, again did they show? NOPE. 2nd missed appointment. So we called again and rescheduled for 12/10 btw 4~9pm, again No Show. By this time, we are thinking what is going on. Where are they? So we called again to reschedule for the 11th btw 4~9pm, again missed. By this time, we were pissed and angry that they have missed so many appointments causing us to sit and wait around for them to show for 20 hours total. So, we called back on Monday and of course, they gave us some excuse why the technicians would missed scheduled appointments. After long wait and getting bounced around for some form of compensation, we finally got some discounts on our bill for the next 6 months. Of course, these discounts would take effect after our service call has been completed. So we reschedule for a another day on 12/13 btw 6~9pm. They’ve promised to show btw these hours because like everyone else, we WORK. So, we came home that day what did we find…a note stating that they were there at 4:15pm and that they had to leave since we were not home. So we called Customer Service and asked why were they dispatched so early. They told us that it was our fault for missing this service call and that all service calls are btw 4~9pm. This did not sit well with my husband, so like everyone else by now, my husband is yelling at the girl and ask to speak with someone who can help us (AGAIN). They told us that they can reschedule us to 12/14 at 8am which we refused. We ask that they dispatch immediately to someone to come back tonight. At this time it was 6:30pm. We ask to speak to a manager and was told that they will call us back. They did call us but to state that the manager is still busy. At 8pm, still no call. We called Customer Service and they told us that we were schedule for 12/14 btw 8~12pm, the one we refused. We asked to speak with the same Rep that we talk to but of course, they were not located in the same call center. We than had to reexplain our situation (again and again everytime we speak with a different person)and that Rep told us that he personally promised to call us himself when its been dispatched to the technecian. My husband asked where he was located, he told us he was in Southeast ASIA. I don’t think we will be receiving a call from him and told him as much. After getting bounced around, we spoke with a manager name Michelle who guarenteed to call us after our order has been dispatch on our next appointment scheduled for 12/17 btw 4~9pm. Guess what? No call. So to make sure it was dispatched, we called at 4pm and they told us that they will be at our house btw 5~6pm. 6pm? still no Show. We called again at 8pm, what did they tell us…that we will need to reschdule. My husband was beyond upset and mad. He calmly told them that next phone call he’ll make is to call to cancel and he hung up. We are going back to Direct TV where we never had any issues with SERVICE. UVERSE is beyond bad service. BAD BAD BAD.

  6. Collections and Not a Customer

    I am a ATT High Speed Internet customer and am not, nor have I ever been a ATT Uverse customer. And yet, they are sending me bills that I dont owe and sending me to collection agency’s. I have been calling them since June trying to resolve the issue and getting nowhere. They say they cant find my account. Of course not, it doesnt exist because I am not a customer. They mailed me a box I never ordered, and I mailed it right back. They send me bills for that box even though it was returned. I called them and was told that as long as they get the box back before 1 month that I wouldnt have to pay anything. I send the box back the same say I got it, with confirmation so I know they got it and they are still acting like idiots and sending me bills and sending me to collection agencys. The first collection agency closed my case because I mailed them the proof that I had and now I am dealing with another agency. ATT Uverse is not communicating with me or the collection agency’s. I mailed them the delivery confirmation twice registered mail, and I have the confirmation and have told them that number 100’s of times over the phone and they are still saying they never got it. I asked them for their fax number since they keep losing my mail and after a lenghty interview on why and what I am sending, they gave me the wrong number THREE times and they claim that they dont have a fax number. Every legit company has a fax machine, and every department has a fax number. Dont trust this company. They are a SCAM. I have send all my information to the second collection agency and have been told, again that I dont need to pay them anything.

  7. Highly Recommend U-verse
    Eileen Lento

    I have been a Dish customer since its inception. My bill with Dish kept going higher and higher. I only had the HBO movie channel. My phone only had local service as I had a calling card for long distance service. I now have the 450 package with a phone and Internet with Uverse and I am paying less than I was with Dish for far fewer programs on my T.V., faster Internet, and a phone with long distance. I did not want to leave Dish even though I was very dissatisfied with them. I was afraid to have to relearn a whole new system again. Well, I finally gave in an got Uverse….and I JUST LOVE IT. It was so simple to learn. The customer service people were so nice to me and so patient with me. I have NEVER been without service. My recorded programs had a problem, and the man came right out the next day, and promptly fixed it. If I had a problem they would just lead me by the hand until it was right. They would never let me go until I told them I was completely satisified and that the problem was solved. I would highly recommend Uverse to anyone.

  8. Not Reliable
    Angry Customer

    The main problem I see with Uverse is its inability to provide reliable service. I simply don’t know where to begin between the audio cutting out because of an HDMI issue with their set-top boxes that AT&T REFUSES to correct, as they have flat out stated; the constant loss of television signal, or the failings of DVR recordings to record properly. All of these are unacceptable, and AT&T offers no real support or real solutions. No one should use Uverse if they enjoy the things cable TV or satellite has to offer. It just doesn’t work, and they don’t care.

  9. Reliably Unreliable

    I switched ATT DSL to Uverse in February 2012. I wished I would have done some homework before I committed to the switch because I am experiencing the same problems that have been reported all over regarding dropped connection issues. It’s only been 1 month and I am looking to switch over to cable. My internet connection drops out about 4-5 times a day, and the only solution is to reset the gateway and the router. It’s so annoying. Luckily I don’t have Uverse phone or TV. Take heed of all the complaints and stay away from Uverse, ATT does not have the system working reliably yet.

  10. No Clue How to Fix It

    I use the U-verse DSL service and when it works, it works great, but when it doesn’t they don’t have a clue how to fix it.

    I get an average of 22.5 download and 2.85 upload – good. But this is on my “wired” computer that’s connected to the U-verse modem. My wireless service lately started shooting way up and down rapidly. In a matter of minutes, you can go from a download speed of 18.5 to literally 0.20, then up to 6.5, back down to 1.2, up to 12.5… you get the idea. Techs have been to my house several times and have swapped modems 10 times, knowing this isn’t it. Nothing in my house is interfering with the signal they concluded, and yet they claim they have never, ever, seen anything like this before – but will still send another tech out the next day, only to repeat the exact same steps as the techs that came before him.

    Most likely next week I’ll be calling around to find another provider. When you pay for the top speed, it’s not worth it if half the service (wireless) doesn’t even work well enough to do most things on, more than half the time. And the monthly fee isn’t worth knowing that their techs have NO clue how to fix an issue when it does come up.

  11. Russell

    Changing to the cheaper ATT uverse phone and DSL service was a mistake. I want to change to a better service after I find such a service that has really good reviews. I have tried, and been patient with ATT, had the modem replaced once, but it seems that the ATT uverse service will never work as I espected that it should.

    We had Att for years but wife got a promotion where Att was stopped but new wervice did not have dsl. So back to ATT, but could not use the original service. We had to go with the new ATT with the 3800 HGV-b dsl modem and telephone service. It worked but not as well as the older 2-wire ATT system. Then the modem died and was replaced. Not indernet loads slowly, and constantly freezes. Altough modem lights are on it is really off and can be turned on by unpluging the Belkin battery love voltate to the modem and waiting for the modem to load up again. The email software is terrible with curser jump[ing all over the email pages such that outgoing emails are full of mistakes, because corrections are not where the curser was placed to make the correct the mistakes. The ATT guys are so stupid they will come out and not even try to enter the yard, but report locked gate.

    Basically the ATT system will load up slowly, and internet freezes up. I never had such trouble with comcast. I changed to ATT because it was cheaper than Comcast, but now I feel that was a misstake.

  12. Moving Headaches
    Lisa W

    When we moved from AL to GA, ATT said it was EASY to move your service. NOT THE SITUATION. I had to mail back equipment that was out of date when the tech installed new equipment. Which in the big picture of things should not be a HUGE deal. However, after being charged for equipment I shipped back over 30 days ago, it has been downhill ever since. It took 4 hours on my cell phone when all our home service (internet, land line, and TV) were disconnected. When I phoned to see what the problem was, I was instructed by 2 reps that I should have called ATT with the tracking number. I was told “someone” would have to track the equipment down in the warehouse. Oh I am sorry, whoever has to do a job.

    I re-read the directions to the each rep on the documents I received which stated the procedure for returning the equipment. Neither rep could tell me where in the directions it told me to call ATT with the tracking number.

    Then I was made to pay and received a credit if I wanted my service to be reactivated. Now 2 months later, I receive $90.00 worth of reactivation charges for internet, phone, and UVerse!!! I feel like I have molested by ATT!!

    When you review our payment history, NEVER NEVER NEVER have we been late. That is 4 years of payments on time!!

    ASAP we will discontinue service and move on. Just BEWARE!! And the connection isn’t that great.

  13. Impressed with U-Verse

    Wow what a bunch of haters & cry baby’s.. I’ve had the u-verse service for over 2.5 years. It’s a great product and yes it’s a bit on the pricey side. Try to get the promotions and that will save you money.. Tv & internent work great as i have the U450 & 24mb internet speed. Picture quality is great, better than Dish Network. The HD justs pops out at you. Picture & Sound is great….it could be that i am using ” Monster Cable Products” from the dvr to my tv & surround sound 5.1 sony systems. Yes also a Monster Cable HDMI Cable. Hence what you put into it is what you get out of it. Also no lag time when you switch channels, as you get that when you have Satellite TV. Yes from time to time my u-verse has had it’s share of hick-ups. But that will happen with any provider, electronics are subject to failure. In closing AT&T has a great product and i am happy to have it.. I guess it all depends on the install & if you are close to a ” AT&T VRAD ” distribution point. In closing—> Excellent TV & Internet <— Also i live In The City Of Carson…so if that makes a difference why i have great service, well who knows ?? Also it helps to tweek out the max signal & get the best cables that you can get…Also for my pc i use monster cable cat6 internet cable…digital life..it's also used from my router/gateway to the DVR VIP2250 …. I wish the rest of you a great TV Viewing & Internet Expierence… Hey take u-verse for a test drive. I did and i did not look back…..

  14. Unhappy

    We have had uverse for about 5 years. Only problem is with tv and they have happened 2 or 3 times every year. Each time picture freezes and after lengthy phone call they say we need service call. Each time new modem or box installed and we are assured we will have no further problems. Well tonight was the last time. We should have switched long ago. I was told when I called by customer service she had never heard this complaint. Unless she started today I doubt it. Do not get uverse!!

  15. Good Service but No Deals

    I actually like my AT&T uVerse but it’s time to renew and my only choice is pay about 52% more for lesser service than they are offering a new customer. $165 (U200/6mb/unlimited phone) vs $109 (U300/12mb/200min on phone). That makes no sense and the online reps attempted to tell me that it’s because they have a fiber optic system – lol. I am copper all the way from the cabinet. +30 year customer now having to change to another provider – OK

  16. Better Than Charter
    S. Paradiso

    Charter (horrible) vs AT&T … Charter is somewhat cheaper but their service is abominable. Every phone and tech support (house) rep says something different. I don’t care who’s new.

    The reports in my neighborhood is pro Uverse but the internet speed difference is in Charter’s favor. An AT&T online dope compared AT&T fiber optic to DSL and that’s the stupidest comparison (good for consumers who don’t understand it) I read.

  17. Problems...

    Cancelled att u verse before 30 days not to be charged. On demand sucks doesn’t have half the program’s Comcast has, had trouble with internet the day after installation called the number of the tech who told us any problems call and I’ll be right out. Called twice never received return call. All equipment returned 2 days after cancellation, was charged for the month anyway, this was 9/13/14 called about refund since cancelled said it would take a couple weeks. 10/20/14 still have not received refund but was told I’ll get a portion b/c charged for days used, should not have been charged anything. Spoke to customer service 10/20/14, most likely get full refund by Dec. have to wait for billing cycles. So it will take 3 months to receive refund

  18. Ernestine webster

    Can’t even give my uverse phone service any stars
    My internet service works fine but my phone service does not . The phone service goes in and out at any given time .
    They have been out a couple of times and said they replaced a bad wire but still have unreliable phone service

  19. H.Miller

    ATT the slowest loading ever ,the most unfriendly remote control, very clumsy , aggravating and painfully slow. No access to info if you are watching a recording or a show on demand . The lag time between changing functions is agonizingly slow ,if you flip between shows. I have had service from Direct TV (the most expensive service out there) but a breeze to navigate, Xfinity which has great cable service (but the internet side has major malfunctions) both of those two servers out shine ATT on their worst days .Every thing about their service has a vacuum rating off the charts (SUCKS BIG TIME)

  20. Lied to customer

    Well after dropping comcast because of crappy service and high rates I decided to go with att uverse but I was Misinformed 1st they told me it was suppose to be a 2 year contract but actually was only 1 year because I didn’t have phone service included in my package I was only getting cable and Internet, I was notified that my contract was ending or anything I go to pay my bill and found out it was more then doubled and they wouldn’t work with me on getting a affordable package to anything that they originally promised me when I signed up or nothing customer service sucked the lady I spoke with was very rude. My advice is it may seem like a good deal when you sign up for the service but it’s a trap don’t do it because you will get burned in the long run like I did! 🙁 if it seems like its to good to be true it usually is!

  21. Gillian

    I have had at & t universe for three months and have been having issues with billing from day one I have called them more than 5 times to correct the bill.
    Every bill I get is a different amount and they just decide to take money out of my account when ever they feel like. Frustrating

  22. Michelle

    The message on here states “No Rants.” So here goes:

    The U-verse modem has more dropped internet connection than wireless routers by other companies such as Netgear and Belkin. Same for Wifi dropped signal. The Wifi range is limited if and when it’s operational, at all. My home is 1,000 sq.ft.in size. Not big at all and still Wifi struggles. I’ll be cancelling my service soon and going with Cox. I sincerely recommend that anyone thinking about opting for U-verse to check into other options. You’ll be glad you did.

  23. Brittany Keenan

    The customer service reps are VERY friendly, but didn’t seem to have a clue what they were talking about. First of all, they couldn’t tell me what their lowest packages were…secondly, my DVR hasn’t been working for 2 months and has taken THIS long to have someone come out to look at it. We pay for high speed Internet, yet it feels like I’m back on dial up. NOT very happy with this company right now…thinking about switching.

  24. LM

    I switched to AT&T U-verse because of Comcast’s extremely rude, inept customer service. AT&T customer service is much better and the equipment seems more high quality. But the HD picture is horrible. Two techs have come out. With help from Samsung customer service, tech #2 got a little bit better picture. But it’s still subpar for the quality level of the tv. Samsung said they would try to do some remote calibration to improve the picture. We’ll see. If that doesn’t work I will probably go back to Comcast even though it is more expensive and their customer service makes me want to live on a deserted island with no human contact. If I could get as clear and crisp a picture with U-verse as I had with Comcast I’d stay with AT&T. But I can’t watch a muddy picture when I know the tv can do sooo much better.


    A few months ago, I received a letter from AT & T informing me the business plan I currently have will expire the end of 2014 unless I call their business office.
    I called and the agent said AT & T could offer me the same price for 2015.
    Then asked me if I wanted to upgrade to U-Verse. I told her I couldn’t afford any more than I am paying now. She put me on hold, came back and said it would actually save me $5.00 per month for faster internet and some other benefits.
    We scheduled an appt to switch to U-Verse.
    My AT & T bill is typically $142.00 per month.
    Yesterday I received my first invoice and it was $160.00.
    After 28 minutes on hold, transferred several times, and even more hold time, I got disconnected.
    Called back and finally reached ” Angela ” a supervisor. RUDE & UNHELPFUL, basically said I should have known I couldn’t upgrade my service for less money. Prices continue to go down on technology and I’m not the AT & T agent that misquoted the price in December.
    Bottom line, I could have switched to Time Warner but didn’t want to pay the additional 20.00 per month. At least Time Warner was honest and didn’t switch my service, then charge the higher price.
    Also, told Angela to forget U-Verse, put me back on my original plan.
    SORRY.. we don’t offer that plan anymore.
    Will be switching to Time Warner.

  26. Marcel

    ATT customer service is the worst I have ever experience-they will run you around. No accountability. They will hang up on you to get rid of you. It is shameful for such a big company to offer such worst service. I am so disappointed, their management at he whole ATT.

  27. Harris

    My U-Verse service was installed in January, 2015. I thought of switching to U-Verse for years. Previously, I had Insight Cable, Dish, and Direct TV satellite service. I had problems with those cable and satellite tv providers, for years. Finally, I took the plunge, and switched. I must state that I am impressed with the choice of television programming that U-Verse offers. I enjoy the HD channels, the international news channels such as the BBC, NHK, as well as OAN, FOX, and CNN. Also, there is good family programming, with many classic television shows from the 1950’s and 1960’s. There are also many sports channels, and many movie channels available. In addition, the Internet speed is much faster than what I previously was offered with the DSL service; last, the telephone service offers a lot of custom calling options, for a very reasonable rate. Unfortunately, the first five weeks that I had U-Verse, AT&T did not treat me very nicely, pertaining to two areas. The first area was the technical service area. It appears that a defective DVR was installed on my main television, from day one. As a result, I experienced intermittent freezing of the television picture, for five weeks. The first technician, who installed the service, promised to address that problem; however, he never came back to my home, and would not answer my telephone calls. His supervisor was not nice either. The second technician misdiagnosed the problem, and replaced the Gateway/Modem, instead of the DVR. The third time was a charm, as the third technician finally solved that problem, when he replaced the DVR. In retrospect, the latter problem should have been rectified within one week, and not five weeks. I’ve not had any problems with my U-Verse television, Internet, or telephone service, since the DVR was replaced. The other issue that I had with AT&T was a billing problem. Instead of them combining the old DSL bill with the U-Verse bill, it billed the final DSL bill as a standalone bill. In doing so, it miscalculated the final bill by an overcharge of $30.00. I refused to pay AT&T money, that I legally did not own them. Instead of them listening to the customer (I’ve been an AT&T customer for forty three years), they decided to threaten me with a collection agency. I refused to back down, and wrote letters to their Vice President, and to their billing managers. I finally won, but the matter dragged on for weeks. To this day, AT&T never admitted that it erred. Last, it tried to only send me $100.00 for the rewards incentive for signing up, instead of the $200.00, which it advertised online. Again, I refused to back down, until AT&T authorized a $200.00 rewards check. In summary, let me unequivocally state that I should not have been placed in a position by AT&T, where I was forced to make over twenty telephone calls, in order to straighten out billing, and technical service issues. It is most unpleasant to have to be bounced all over the world, because AT&T does not employ enough highly trained, and skilled customer service personnel. In summary, the U-Verse product is very good; there is no doubt about that. However, I’m only assigning three stars out of five, because of AT&T’s deficient customer service department. It has to learn to service what it sells, and to be respectful, and honest, to its customers.

  28. Eden

    I received a call from AT&T on May 27, 2015 to verify that someone wanted to set up service at my home address on June 29, 2015. I told them that was fine the people who placed the order were buying our house in June and we would be moving the week of June 8, 2015. No sooner did I get off of the phone then I received a call from home stating that our internet was down. At 12:57 pm on the 27th of May I placed my first call to AT&T to find out that they had completely canceled my service. That phone call lasted 1 hour and 48 mins, I was told I had to start a new account, have them inquire on my credit, tell me that my bill on the account they canceled was past due (no possible since I am on auto pay), told that if I did not do a new contract my same services under the account I had was going to increase from $120.00 to over $200.00 a month. That phone was ended with an understanding that the account would be turned back on. I had 4 more phone calls to AT&T that same day, given tickect numbers told I would receive a call, told that the service would be turned back on etc. The morning of May 28, 2015 nothing had been done, I called and was told to call back later. I called back later to be told that nothing seems to have been done. I was called back (that was a first) however, the 4th phone call this morning ended with the same thing I was told yesterday someone will call me today to have it turned back on. I do not expect a phone call, I do not expect my service to be restored. If you have a problem you will never get the same person, their staff obviously does not have a clue what they are doing and I would run if you are looking for competent and reliable internet or TV.

  29. Beth

    For years I had AT&T DSL and never had a problem. When the bill went way up I called to see if there was a lower priced plan and they recommended a U-verse Internet & phone plan which I agreed to change to starting May 2015. A few days after installation I had no internet service for about 48 hours. Since switching to U-verse my computer freezes when I’m on the internet so often that I now dread using the internet. U-verse tech support tells me I need computer repair but it happens on 2 computers and other devices. I have found U-verse customer service and tech support to be absolutely abominable. It is very difficult to understand anyone, they don’t seem to even address the problem I’m calling about. And then, I received 2 bills for May – one from U-verse and one from AT&T for DSL. They never told me that I would be billed for an extra month because I cancelled my account. I didn’t know switching to the plan they suggested would “cancel” my account. The freakiest part of this is that when I try to call the contact numbers from my original AT&T account, I am automatically re-routed to U-verse who are NO help whatsoever. I would love to change back to AT&T DSL or try a different service entirely but I can’t afford the $150 cancellation charge. I do not recommend U-verse at all.

  30. not happy

    I have been with AT&T for over 20 years. Whenever I had called with a technical problem, it took a long time on the phone, but it was always resolved….up until today. This is my first ever in my life review. I am writing this review because I felt as though I was almost scammed, by an AT&T technical support employee! I called to report it and was told someone would contact me but of course, no one has. I had ( and still have) a problem with my email account. After 2 1/2 hours of talking to different techs to no avail, I asked to speak to a higher level tech. He proceeded to tell me that the lower level techs aren’t trained to help but that because he was the next level he could help me with all my problems FOR A FEE. After I asked him if he was serious, he then said for me to call back the 1-800 number and asked if he resolved all my issues. If this is the “Technical Support” that AT&T is now offering – FOR A FEE – I guess after 20+ years, I will be moving on……

  31. b003

    I can’t believe they haven’t fixed the signal drop problem yet. Worked for 3 years then in one month it went all spotty. A new direct line and 5 modems later still meh. If you can use an alternative do so.

  32. Michael

    Literally the most atrocious customer service I’ve ever experienced. I had internet with them because they were the cheapest option available to me. Everything was going relatively okay at first. Occasional loss of service but I wrote that off as the risk of having satellite. Then I moved and everything went awry. My internet never worked at the new place and I called multiple times, always getting forwarded to tech support and the only help tech support could offer was to tell me to unplug my modem and plug it back in. Duh, you do that BEFORE you call tech support. Eventually, after calling at least three times they decided to set me up a whole new account because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Internet finally worked after nearly a month. That was until they sent me two separate bills for both accounts. I called them, they said they would write off the second bill and I wouldn’t have to pay it. All was good. Then I received two bills again, this time with late fees. I called them. They said they would cancel the first account and I wouldn’t have to pay it. When I got off of the phone my internet didn’t work. They shut off the account that did work. I called back. forwarded to tech support. I explained what had happened and they forwarded me to someone else with in tech support. After being forwarded to three or four individuals within tech support one of the employees told me “That’s a billing problem and you need to call the number for billing complaints.” and then she hung up. I said screw it and stopped paying. Still got a bill for both accounts. At one point they sent me a letter saying they were opening a new customer service center in Florida just for me which I found extremely offensive because it was obviously a lie. Then the bill that was supposed to be written off showed up on my credit report so now I have to deal with that because AT&T employees incompetent people who don’t care about their customers or even about doing their jobs in a professional manner. Now I have Cox, admittedly it is more expensive but it’s faster and the customer service people are friendly and competent. So I guess you get what you pay for.

  33. Erika

    I was with ATT for year got a good rate for T.V and Internet (Highest speed) for $125 a month including tax. I was so happy with service that i decided to do another contract for a year but to change it up a bit. I decided to get the U450 and the same internet speed now my price went to $158 with taxes. Well since January i’ve been fighting with them about my prices how can you go from $158 a month to now $200 a month. Makes no sense every time i call its “I’m not sure why its going up so much” I dont order movies and i dont try to order any channels that im not sure if i have to pay or not. I called to cancell because TWC has the same promotion for $125 a month and thats even including a phone. I hate ATT and wish i never had them, they like to raise prices and not even tell you and when you try to disconnect they give two shit.

  34. Barbara Daughtry

    I continue to have issues with AT&T Uverse. First they keep cancelling stations but not lowering the price. I have less channels to watch for the same price. The picture and recordings keep freezing up. I lose my recordings sometimes when I try to fix it. I cancelled my phone a long time ago just to try and cut cost. Because of increases I am paying the same as what I was before I cut the phone cost. They have changed out every piece of equipment to fix the freezing but it still does it. I have been with them for a long time but their service is really getting bad. Not sure why you have to keep paying rent on the equipment. I have bought this equipment 10 times over. They always have great offers for new customers but not their loyal customers. Maybe I should quite and restart just to get a good offer. My computer was down the other day but they wanted to know if I went online to see how to fix it. Go figure!. I am frustrated and fed up with them. I am looking to see who else I can go to for service.

  35. daniel deneen

    UVerse in Houston constantly dropping out. Their speed fluctuates all the time.
    I work from home and am on international Skype calls. My presentations, conversations, everything goes silent/blank every few minutes during the afternoon. Google it, common problem.
    I call and they lie – I need a range extender, new box, etc.
    they have been here 4 times in 2 years to fix it and same old lies, and the reception gets worse.
    Good luck getting them to cancel, they will put you on hold and I say I only want to drop it but they won’t ! They require I speak to the relationship manager who puts me on hold and eventually gives me the same lies.
    really just awful !!!!!!!!
    don’t use them if you have a choice.
    I live in Houston. Big mistake to use ATT U-verse !
    you’ve been warned, I’m telling you.

  36. Adolfo Caffarena

    They promised me two different installatiin dates. They keep rescheduling in the last minute. I called to complaint they kept me 1.25 hours on the phone and did not solve the problem. I been without Internet for a month!!!
    I wish I should not have canceled my prior internet provider Xfinity-Comcast to switch to AT&T. Big mistake.

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