AT&T DSL is an internet service which uses a Digital Subscriber Line to deliver a high speed internet connection to its subscribers.

DSL utilizes existing telephone lines to transmit data. Consequently internet connections delivered via AT&T DSL max out at 6Mpbs downstream and 768Kbps upstream.

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Consumer Reviews for AT&T DSL.

  1. Horrible

    I have never had a worse cable & internet service than AT&T. I just wasted a whole Saturday with not one, but two technicians and my cable television service stopped working the minute they drove away. I’m going to switch to another carrier. I just can’t take it anymore! U-Verse is always down and AT&T just doesn’t care.

  2. Not worth the cost

    Finally ditching AT&T DSL, which I should have done long ago. Paying way to much for my blazing 1.5Mbps service. I called to get it turned up. Nope. Not available. I live in a devleopment less than 10 years old that is growing. When were they thinking of updating cpaability? Customer service didn’t seem to be concerned about losing a customer over their ridiculous rates.

    The big thing here is the price, the same reason I dumped their wireless phone plan. They bundle you up to save when the plan offering is sub par to others available. Even if my new 30Mbps service which is half the price lags, it will still do circles around 1.5Mbps.

    Watch what you’re getting. A polished turd is still a turd!

  3. Blazing Fast DSL

    My download speed it .2 mbps, and the upolad speed is .11 mbps. Are these speeds really fast DSL? I do not know where the VRAD is, but I do know that the lines are all copper. The DSL is slow, and the 2 wire 3800HGV-B turns off all by itself and does nothing even though it is on all the time. I have to disconnect if from power and connect it again so it can boot up with all of its lights flashing crazily. The ATT people have been out twice to check for signal after they test it remotely. The 2wire dsl modem has been replaced once. Uverse has not been satisfactory, and is the worst service I have had in my 23 years experience using the internet. There must be a better provider.

  4. Jerry

    Just got this crap installed.. and it took almost 15 minutes to download a 190mb file.. it’s like stepping back into the past.. Everyone selling it had me to believe that the 1.5mbps meant that I’d never drop below that speed and could possibly go as high as 6mbps . Which the technician let me know was “Not True” 1.5mbps is as high as it gets with slight drips. Although it’s not as bad as “Dial-up” it’s just the next level up and I get all this for $40…? I was paying $37 for 3mbps which I never achieved but had an average of 2.85mbps and an occasional drip into the 1mbps range and how is this better? I’m sure it’s better for profits but for the consumers I really don’t think that they care.. Searching for better options

  5. bob

    Att dsl is horrible. It will disconnect and lag worse than 90s internet. Do yourself a favor and just do without the internet if this is your only option.

    Matter of fact, i’d avoid doing business at all with at&t. Their service techs will admit they don’t care about fixing the problems with dsl.

    I would have given them 0 stars if i could.

  6. Tim Shetler

    My AT&T DSL service often is noticeably slower. In January 2018, on a particularly slow DSL day, I contacted AT&T customer service to see if they could help. The technician didn’t seem to be able to detect anything, or at least didn’t inform me of the speed he was measuring. Instead, he had me reset the model, which didn’t return to a normal state. At that point he said he would order a new modem and send it overnight. During this process I reset the modem again and this time it worked, but we agreed to replace the old modem with the new one anyway. The model didn’t arrive overnight, which wasn’t a problem, and when it did arrive I switched it, and followed the installation steps which of course didn’t work. After another service call it eventually came online, through no help of the agent. A couple weeks later I got my AT&T bill with an additional $7 monthly charge for the new modem. I wasn’t expecting that, so I called AT&T billing to complain, and two agents in a row hung up on me. The third agent helped reduce the rate, though not the full $7 per month, then had the gall to ask me to give him a “highly satisfied” review to the email he promised to send. The email never came and I suspect my next bill will not have changed, and we’ll start this all over again. Make sure to ask if any service call will affect your future billing, and try to get the agent’s full name if you can.

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